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    Deleting songs from Boom Box

    I recently bought Boom Box to help me transfer music from my LPs and audio cassettes to iTunes or CDs. I made a test run to see how Boom Box worked and how to operate it. I was saddened and disappointed to learn that it had no provision for converting AIFF files to the MP3 format; nevertheless, I used Disc Doctor to "record" a few songs to get a better feel for the process. However, the extent to which the AIFF format used up my computer's storage space alarmed me, so I stopped the process. I did not, at least knowingly, transfer anything to iTunes. Later, being concerned about the test "recordings" I had made, I called Roxio. The person I talked to said that as long as I had not transferred the "recordings" to iTunes, they were not permanent. Later, I found that this was incorrect. Those test "recordings" are somewhere in my computer, and I want them removed. My question is, how do I find those files, and how do I delete them? I just can't afford to waste storage space on files that were just "recorded" as tests.