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  1. Hello: I realize that I am in emc10 but I thought that I would post this question here as well as in EMC 9. After I installed EMC 9 and rebooted I was not able to see my Optical Drives. Can anyone help me with this problem. Thanks in Advance Grampa Dave
  2. After the completed install and reboot of EMC 9 my Optical drives have gone. I can not see them period. This problem must have come up before ??? Can anyone tell me how to get around this without uninstaling EMC 9. THanks In Advance Grampadave
  3. Grampa Dave

    Roxio Burn to

    I have recently installed Roxio 2010. At this point the only problem that I have is trying to find out how to stop Roxio Burn to from monitoring both of my optcal drives and placing a drag and drop icon on my desk top every time I put a disk into the drive. Not that I am upset about this but if I want to use Roxio to burn a disk I will yurn it on myself. Thanks for your help in advance Grampadave
  4. Grampa Dave

    CinePlayer Startup

    Hello: I asked this question back in EMC 9 and I have lost the copy of the answer that I recieved. My problem is - every time I insert a DVD movie CinePlayer (EMC 10) starts up. I would like for this not to happen, even if Roxio feels that there player should start up withput my permission. Thanks In Advance Grampadave
  5. Grampa Dave


    Thanks for your help. Seems to me that Roxio would be better off giving us an instant rebate instead of making us go thru the hassle of mailing it in and waiting 8 -10 weeks for the money.
  6. Grampa Dave


    As a owner of EMC 10 I can purchase Creator 2009 for $99.99 US. They are offering me a $30.00 rebate making the cost $69.99 (good price). My question is when and how is this rebate applied??? Maybe those of you that have already purchased Creator 2009 could answer this question as I have not been able to find this answer on the Roxio web site. Thanks in advance Grampadave
  7. Grampa Dave

    Video Editing

    Thanks Walt I was begining to think that these old eyes had let me down. I have come to the same conclusion as you that trial and error is the way to go. The last two weeks have been just that and as yet I have not been able to enhance a video clip. I hate to give up on EMC 10 but I have a neighbour that has been using Pinacle Studio 12 Plus and is able to do all that I want and more with very easy instructions in the help section to boot. I see by your ID that you sre from Deep River, Ontario. I was in Pembroke last week visiting friends. The wife and I are down here in the warmer part of Ontario, we are in Mount Hope a suberb of the big steel city Hamilton home of the Tiger Cats, but I don't say that to loud these last few years. Thanks for your reply Walt - drop us a line some time onholiday92@yahoo.ca Grampadave
  8. Grampa Dave

    Video Editing

    Thanks Jim I had a look in EMC 10 and 9 Tips and Tricks but could not find the topic. I hope that it is these old eyes that are failing me and not the fact that I just missed it. Could you help, I will gladly read about the problem if you could point me to it. Thanks
  9. Grampa Dave

    Video Editing

    I have been using EMC 10 for still photo slideshows to this point. I have just purchased a video camera and would like to find out if EMC 10 has the capability to edit the video clips. By editing I mean being able to not only trim the video and adjust the audio levels but to also adust colour, contrast etc. Thanks In Advance Grampadave
  10. Grampa Dave


    I set all file associations when I first noticed the problem. All CD/DVD drives have bean set to prompt on Autoplay. I did not miss the setup screen. I do like Cineplayer but I do not want it to default. I want to be able to have a choice on which media player that I want to use. Grampadave
  11. Grampa Dave


    Cineplayer automatically starts up as a default DVD viewer every time I insert a disc. Can anyone tell me how to turn the default off. Cineplayer Settings does not allow me to do this. The version of Cineplayer I have is 3.9 and it came bundled with EMC10. Thanks in advance Grampadave
  12. Grampa Dave

    Uninstalling EMC9 Before Installing EMC10

    Thanks Frank for getting back to me. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I decided to try a reinstsall of EMC9 to see if that would correct the Add and Remove problem that I had. EMC9 would not reinstall untill I allowed it to remove the original version that I had, then it reinstalled updating the ad and remove as well. I then decided that Vista is no better than XP so I allowed EMC10 to install without removing EMC9. All went very well and both work just fine. Thanks Again Grampa Dave
  13. After using EMC9 since it came out, with very few problems I might add, I have decided to purchase EMC10. After reading about all of the installation problems encounter by some users I have decided to follow one of the posts recommendation to completely remove EMC9 from my PC. I started by going to (Windows XP Home) Add or Remove only to find that Roxio was not there. I thought that I would download and install Microsofts Installer Clean up Utility, of which after installing it I again could not find Roxio. Yes I do have EMC9 on my PC and it runs just great. I guess that I have two questions. 1) Is there any way that I can force Windows XP SP2 the recognize that I do have EMC9? 2) Can I uninstall EMC9 manually and if so please tell me how? I have copied instructions from this web site on how to remove EMC from the PC. It however tells me to use Add and Remove as well as the Installer Clean up Utility. It does however tell me where Roxio and Sonic reside on my PC. If I follow this portion of the uninstall including editing the registry, will this completely remove EMC9 from my PC? Any help would be great. Grampadave
  14. After formating my PC I re-installed EMC9 only to find that I could not find it in my Add/Remove. I was looking for it because I am getting a runtime error when I use PhotoSuite so I thought that I would allow EMC9 to repair itself only to find that it is not shown in Add/Remove. I then inserted the CD only to find that it wants to remove the existing install and re-install rather than allowing me to repair the existing install. I would like to be able to correct these problems without having to uninstall and then reinstall. I did not have any problem with EMC9 before I formated my PC. Thanks for any help. Grampadave
  15. Grampa Dave

    How to Enhance a Video

    Thanks to both of you. I will play with the manual settings Thanks Again Grampadave