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  1. OK, Jim we are on the same page now. The default of DVD play is obvious but in my case, at the end of play, the button that returns you to the main menu is the default. I am expecting it to be Chapter one. I have deleted all the chapters (which deletes the Chapters Menu) twice and started over. The behavior is always the same. I guess this is just going to be the nature of the beast. I could find no way to ascertain that Chapter One would be the default start of play. Thanks for your help.
  2. I am in DVD Builder view with the Main Menu visible in the right pane. The only way I can see Chapter buttons is to click Mark Chapters where I can see all the chapters but there are no options to do anything with them. We may not be looking in the same place.
  3. DVD Builder burns my DVD nicely. When I play it, on the computer or on a TV/DVD player, the Main Menu displays and cycles until I hit Play. It then goes to the Chapters Menu but Chapter One is not highlighted. I have to naviage to Chapter One and then hit Play. All chapters play in sucession. The button that is highlighted is the Return To Main Menu button. So if I just hit Play at first on the Chapters Menu, I get returned to the Main Menu. I am using EMC 7.0 and IE 6.0 on XP Pro machine. Am I expecting too much? I'd like to hit Play, then Play and be watching my movie not navigating to Chapter One first. Anybody have any input?