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    7.1 Audio In New Version Of Dvditpro Hd

    Okay so I would be happy to buy the upgrade if we had some tech spec from Roxio/Sonic but who's going to spend $200+ without this information?
  2. The new version offers 7.1 authoring from PCM files but this is all we know. Have tried asking Roxio support for details about file compatibilty but haven't received a answer. Does anyone know what the spec is for DVDitProHD legal PCM files?
  3. Artefact

    DVDit Pro HD Runtime Error

    I've just used the programme for the first time to author a Blu Ray disc sucessfully. But now trying to use it again and it crashes every time I import media with the following error message: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program:C:\Program Files\Roxio\DVDit Pro HD\DVDit Pro HD.exe R6025 -pure virtual function call This happens with a variety of different HD and SD encoded files, not one particular file. Weirdly, the last (and only) sucessful project can still be opened. I've checked that the 'auto load last project' is NOT selected. I've tried the obvious things of uninstalling coflicting DVD programmes, although these were on the computer when DVDit actually worked. Have also unistalled and re-installed DVDit Pro HD. Nothing significant has changed on the PC either. Any solutions?