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  1. That did the trick,,,THANKS very much for the very helpful information.
  2. As you know depending on the bit rate you can add over 150 MP3 songs to a a CD, Now I burn them primarily for play in my vehicle which does not have a shuffle option so it plays the songs all the songs in alphabetical order even after I have used the move up/down arrows to put them in the order i would like them to play. I have saved it as a .rox playlist and they show up in the order I have intented but when I burn the actual disc the songs come out in alphabetical order. Does anybody know how I can get them to burn in my customized order instead of alphabetically? Thanks for your help, T. Buker My computer: Dell Dimension 8400 Ram: 3 GB OS: Windows XP Professional - Service Pack 3 Available Space on HD: 97.3 GB
  3. Thanks again for your response,,,,Yes they (EMC10 & EMC 2010) have the same transitions, I just can't help but believe they have abug in the software and they appear to be pretty unwilling to fix it. They have pointed me all over the place except for a fix,,,a real negative for a very long time customer as far as I am concerned.
  4. That's weird I never had the problem when I upgraded in the past,,,then again it's their software and they can do as they please. I will try your suggestion but I think it will be a very boring presentation using the same transition over and over again. Thanks very much for the response, I appreciate it.
  5. I am a long time user of Roxio Creator (pick a number I have used them all) and have created many video projects using Video Wave. Several days ago I purchased and installed Creator 2010 Special Edition as an upgrade from Creator 10. Here is my problem, the transitions between photos will not execute on videos developed on past versions of Creator but played back on Creator 2010. The photos will sequence through just fine, the music plays just fine, the transitions appear in the project editor with the correct timing but they will not execute on playback using Creator 2010. The pictures in the video change but transitions do not execute and it just moves from picture to picture, leaving much to be desired as far as appearance of the content. I am copying some of the background information from my open ticket with Roxio Technical support to provide some background: I have a Dell Dimension 8400, 4.65 GHz, 1 Gig Ram, 320 Gig HD (168 Gig free), OS is Windows XP 2002 Professional Version Service Pack 3, Video Card is NVIDIA GeForce 6800. In response to your questions. 1. Roxio Tech asked: Did you try creating a New Project? Yes, I created a test project using the newly installed Creator 2010 and it worked fine. 2. Roxio Tech asked: Did you use a different Project File? Yes, for the test mentioned above. But then I tried creating a test dmsm of photo's, music and vids from one of my older projects using Creator 2010 and it worked fine. 3. Roxio Tech asked: Did you update Creator 2010 after installing? As soon as I started the program it went to Roxio and downloaded the following file "roxiocreator2010sp1.exe" and it has been installed. This minute I checked again and your system told me there were no new updates at this time. Now they have suggested an uninstall with a "clean Install"....I did it and still have the issue. I keep asking the technical guys...."Am I the only person with this problem?" and they never do respond to it. The obvious answer would be to recreate all on my projects using Creator 2010 but that would take many, many weeks and I am not willing to do it. I want to believe that I will not be forever recreating projects as I purchase new versions of Creator. Does anybody have a quick fix for this issue...Is there a patch??? Thanks for any assistance you could provide.