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  1. Have had lots of troubles, Have used this program flawlessly for many years. Using Windows 7 and nothing but trouble, Can not download photoshows to computer. Save as, then download, does not matter, it will not save and open. Note: it is set to allow downloads to viewers. any help appreciated.
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    problem saving MP4 video PhotoShow

    Well you are not alone.... I've had the premium account over a year and worked fine. My renewal was due the end of Dec. I renewed and paid my 39.99 and since then everything has gone to the dogs. I've talked with support... first they said no record of the account, then they said they found the account but that it was not renewed... I happily surprised them with the Invoice number and the reference number for my purchase and after several more minutes they said... they found the account but there was a problem and it would be corrected with in a day or two. Well that was on 12/28. I just got off the phone now.. 1/5/2010 and they said to be patient and the problem would be corrected in time. They said they would create a support ticket... gee another one... the other ones all show closed but alas with out being corrected There are way too many software programs out there to have to deal with this stuff. I'm going to give it till Thursday and if it's not fixed by then I'm going to cancel my credit card payment. Good luck and you may want to consider looking for another software program.
  3. Help! My server is Yahoo, using creator 9 uploaded slide show to website using the medium size player. Player is fine on the website, But the page loads slowly. Depending on my choice player changes size on the webpage which is great but it doesn't matter what size the player is the page still takes the same amount of time to load. I have used load time check: http://www.submitplus.com/freetools.htm Check the load time for the webpage below, example: http://sleemansclassiccars.com/Template2.html The resulting load time does not change when using small, medium or large player. Is there a way to adjust the size of the player so that it will load quicker? Please respond