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    Encoding Time

  2. ananderson

    Encoding Time

    Encoding has now reached 91% complete.
  3. ananderson

    Encoding Time

    This will really show my ignorance on the entire subject but what is the difference in quality between MPEG-2 and MPEG-4? Can't determine what version I am running since the file I posted about this AM is still encoding. I am using a Mac Pro 3.1 with 2 Intel Quad- core 2.8 GHz Processors for a total of 8-cores, How do I switch between MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Toast now indicates that I am 70% done at this time so it has encoded 30% of the source file in last 9½ hours.
  4. ananderson

    Encoding Time

    It seems to take an inordinately long time to encode a DVD, be it normal, HD or BD. I am currently encoding a bd from a mp4 and am 40% done and it has been 24 to 36 hours. The seems like it is taking too long and is very frustrating. The mp4 in question has a stated run time of 2:12.
  5. ananderson

    Toast Titanium 11 And Eyetv

    I recorded a movie the other day and would like to back it up on DVD. I edited it using the Eye TV editor to remove the commercials. I then did a little more editing using the Toast editor. Photos for title page and to set the chapters to every 5 minutes. Put in a DVD-DL and started to record it. When it was encoded to about 69%, Toast crashed. This has happened several times. Is this an EyeTV problem or is it a Toast problem and how do I fix it?
  6. ananderson

    Chapter Photos

    How does one select an load a frame from an EyeTV recording and insert it in a chapter heading menu?
  7. ananderson

    Error code = -39

    It happens regardless of where I drag it from. Both the EyeTV Library or the Toast Media Browser. I try your suggestion and save as a program stream.
  8. ananderson

    Error code = -39

    All of a sudden I am getting error code = -39 when I attempt to burn programs recorded using EyeTV. Video TS Folders are burning fine
  9. ananderson

    Scene Selection Menu

    Yes, I am using MPEG 2. which is the default mode for Eye TV which is my recording vehicle. I would appreciate any help that you can provide.
  10. ananderson

    Scene Selection Menu

    I recorded some segments of the recent Winter Olympics and dutifully edited out the Commercials. Yet when I burn to DVD the Scene Selection windows (Boxes) still display a photo of the commercials on some of them. How can I select the frame that I want displayed in the Scene Selection box?
  11. ananderson

    Compressing and encoding

    I recently upgraded Toast Titanium 10.0.4 and have the following problem. I recently upgraded to 10.0.4 and whammy. When I drag a movie (6.2 GB's) onto the VIDEO_TS Folders Screen and press the record button it goes into Compressing and Extracting. It runs this for a couple (?) of minutes with no progress indicated on the progress bar; it then abruptly crashes displaying the following: "The application Toast Titanium quit unexpectedly" and gives me three options, Ignore, Report, and Relaunch. I have no problem burning the HD television programs that I record using Eye TV (two edited one hour programs per disc). I had no problem burning movies to disc when I was using Toast Basic 9.0. My wife has no problem burning these same movies to disc using Toast 7. I am running a MacPro using OX 10.5.8, I also have 6 GB's of RAM. Solutions would be greatly appreciated