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    Copy ISO from CD/DVD

    Gentlemen; I'm very much aware of the rules, guidelines, etc. about copying TO/FROM on CD's and DVD's, I'm not a "newbie", it's just that I only burn ISO's about 4-6 times a year from a network file(s). To quote Adrian Monk "HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED": - My manager created an image file(s) on a secure network (IT only) drive 2 months ago, not in the normal IT location. - I created this ISO (and the test ISO) the same as I have been for the past 4 years that I've had this job; Creator Classic (first ver. 7, now ver. 8) - Other Tasks - Burn From Disc Image File. - I inserted a CD, received a message to insert a DVD as the file(s) were very large. when done, I replied the usual "NO to Save Project" as the original files normally are saved on a specific location for IT as I mentioned above. This is usually a 1 time occurrence per request from my manager or the Network Admin. - Someone other than me deleted the original file(s), thus he wants to copy the ISO from the DVD. When it didn't work that's when I posted my query. Regards, Norelle
  2. Norelle

    Copy ISO from CD/DVD

    My manager wants to copy very large ISO files from DVD's (operating system, network images, etc.). I tried copying a 9mb file yesterday as a test, didn't work! The dialog box didn't recognize ISO files on the CD. Regards, Norelle.
  3. Norelle

    Copy ISO from CD/DVD

    Hello all; We have Roxio Easy Media Creator/Version: 8.2.296/Build: 822B96A, PXA. My manager wants to copy ISO files from one CD/DVD to another. I've tried several times with no luck. I directed him to the discussion thread http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...ost&p=75464, not quite the same. Is this doable with the version of EMC 8 that we have? Regards, (L.F.) Norelle