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  1. Jim, Thank you for your help. However, I need the output format to be .wmv I tested, the output "Video" as you show in your post, and selected WMV format. But the output bit rate 1317 kbps not the desired 2000 kbps thank you Band
  2. No Output is set to file/directory. I have experienced this problem for 2 years. It existed with Roxio Creator 2010 So I upgraded to Roxio 2011, and the problem persisted. OS- WIndows 7 Ultimate (New Install not Upgrade) SP1 Prior - windows Xp sp3 a year ago. NO recent changes. It has been this way even with a clean Install of Win 7 Ultimate SP1 Input VIdeo Format. .VOB. Example: I have copied DVD's completely to Hard drive. WHen I choose movies, I select the Directory c:\DVD1\VIDEO_TS Directory. Then each chapter shows up as a separate movie. I select 3 movies. Then I click on Movies Icon again and select 3 movies from the following Direrctory C:\DVD2\Video_TS Directory Then I click on Movies Icon again and select 3 movies from the following Direrctory C:\DVD3\Video_TS Directory Now I have selected 9 Movies. save to File / folder WMV format I attempt to convert them to XBOX WMV 720X480 Data rate 2000 Kbps. However now with 9 movies qued, the converted movies are at 926 Kbps (when the setting is still at the default setting of 2000KBPS If 3 or less movies are qued up, it works as set on the GUI. each additional movie that is qued > 3 results in the program incrementally decreasing the converted bit rate. I have tried all the way up to 9 movies qued at a time.
  3. Roxio Creator 2011 (Build 131b66A ENU) Roxio Copy & Convert windows 7 Ultimate (32bit) The program does not convert at the set data-rate. I am unable to modify it if queing > 3 movies. I am converting Movies from DVD. Conversion to : XBOX Compression: WMV Resolution: 720x480 Frame Rate NTSC (29.97) Data Rate: set at 2000 kbps audio format wma Sampling Rate 44,1KHZ Sample Size 16 bits Channels stereo I click on Movies Icon. I can add 1, 2 or 3 movies.. Everything works fine. Movie is encoded as specified ( the converted movie in wmv format is at 2000kbps However, when I add 4 movies, the conversion data rate decreases. It then outputs the movie at 1923 kbps. (not the 2000 kbps) When I que up 5 movies, (Still selecting the same (2000 Kbps as above) the output movies in wmv format now are encoded at 1562 kbps. when I que up 6 movies, the output then decreases to 1313 Kbps. Whe I que up 7 Movies, the output .wmv movie decreases to 1073 Kbps. The output data rates decreases with each additional movie. This was also a problem with the 2010 version. I upgraded to 2011 Roxio, and it has same issue. I can increase the slider for Data- rate, but it has no effect, when I attempt to convert more than 3 movies at one time. This issue pretty much makes this product useless for batch processing. I would appreciate any help, and hope Roxio will fix this problem. Bill