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    No Signal

    Further to my post of a couple days ago: Rather than spring immediately for fancier (and costlier) stabilizers, I thought I would pursue something I read about "pass-through". Several threads here and there spoke about putting the VCR output into a video camera, then taking the camera output into the computer (via whatever avenue - I'm using Easy VHS to DVD with its USB input into my MacBook Pro). I couldn't lay hands on a video camera but I do have a DVR. How different could the process be? So I put the VCR output into the DVR input, the DVR output into the EasyV2D dongle, and lo and behold! The signal getting into the laptop is rock steady! No dropout, no flashing. I am a very happy camper - my thanks to everyone who's posted about this problem for the various clues.
  2. rpini

    No Signal

    Thanks for the reply; I think your best guess is pretty good. I'd already done the fast forward then fast rewind thing a couple of times to take up any slack/unstick the tape. Didn't seem to have any effect. I did unearth an old SIMA stabilizer I'd used ages ago and put that between the VCR and the Easy V2D widget and it did help some. I was able to see much of the video in the Easy V2D prep window, although it wasn't consistent (it would go to "no signal" now and again) and there was serious flashing (light to dark to light) of the image. I'm going to take this as a starting point and see about finding a newer stabilizer, perhaps with better ability to ride through whatever quirks these old tapes have.
  3. rpini

    Video noise at bottom of screen

    Thanks for the quick reply. I've not tried making a DVD from the MPEG 2 files yet; I'll see whether or not the noise shows up. At worst, it's a minor irritation but as these are files for archival purposes, I'm trying to make them as neat and clean as I can (with the resources at hand).
  4. rpini

    No Signal

    Bumping this back to the top. I tried this phone # but the automessage states it doesn't serve Easy VHS to DVD. (Mac version 1.03, Macbook Pro 10.5.8) Adding my voice to the chorus (in the hope that someone's found a solution), I've tried everything I can think of with regard to certain "problem" tapes. 1) Many VHS-digital transfers work fine, right out of the box. I use a R-W-Y component cable. 2) Some VHS tapes, however, play video for a couple of moments, then drop out to "No Signal." The audio continues to come through fine. 3) I've tried this with 3 different VCR players, same issue. 4) I've tried with an S-video cable from the player to the EVD widget, same issue. I wondered then if the tape is simply too old, too far gone... 5) I then played the same tape from the VCR to a TV, and it plays fine. (The TV, alas, doesn't have a video out option so I can't test the "pass through" idea someone else suggested in another thread.) So... there's video signal enough to feed the TV, but not the EVD converter? Somehow that just doesn't seem to make sense. Am I overlooking something? Thanks in advance.
  5. This may be a total nit-pick, I realize, but there's nothing to be gained by not asking. I'm using EVDM 1.03 on a MacBook Pro running 10.5.8. In general, I am well pleased with the product. (Yes, I'd also like to be able to redirect the output to another drive.) I notice, though, that while the video preview on the laptop looks perfect, the actual recording almost always shows a line of noise/static across the bottom of the video when I play back in QuickTime. It's noticeable enough that I should be able to see it in EVDM's preview window (even though that window is smaller). Has anyone else noticed this? If so, is there any explanation for it? (Preview window clips the edges, but the recording captures the full frame, perhaps?) Related: Is there any way to get rid of this noise? Tracking adjustment is automatic on two different VCR playback machines. Thanks in advance.
  6. rpini

    I Have No Idea How To Make A Dvd

    Checked both Apple and the xlr8yourmac.com sites and there's no hint whatever of a firmware update for the Matshita UJ-816 drive. (I even tried downloading a couple of updates for other drives for the heck of it; got the same "no hardware here that needs updating" type of message every time.) I guess I'll have to go looking for different media, which has never been an issue before. The blanks I use offer 1x and 2x options on Toast but neither of those are given in bold. You'd think that by now things might be just a bit more standardized/compatible than they are...
  7. rpini

    I Have No Idea How To Make A Dvd

    This seems like the most appropriate thread to make this reply; I hope someone can help. On my Powerbook (Al, 15", OS 10.4.6, Matshita DVD-R UJ-816 superdrive) I've got Toast 6.1.1. I've never had any issues with Toast until very recently, when I started trying to burn DVDs (DVD-R media, Verbatim) using the "DVD-Video from Video-TS" option under the Video tab. Every time I've tried, I get the following: "The drive reported an error: Sense Key=MEDIUM ERROR Sense Code=0x73,0x03" followed by "The disk failed to be written." Very frustrating. So as a control I moved the complete folder holding the video/audio files over to a G4 PowerMac, running OS 10.3.9, also with Toast 6.1.1 and a Pioneer DVR-109 burner. Using the same settings, I am able to burn a video-DVD no sweat. Also using the same blank media (in a couple of cases, using the very same disk rejected by the Powerbook!). The Powerbook Superdrive seems otherwise to be healthy; it records and plays CDs; it recognizes and plays DVDs. It records a data DVD just fine. However, attempting the workaround suggested elsewhere of making a disk image and then copying that to DVD resulted in a slew of error messages (among which were several reported here; my apologies I didn't write them down at the time). I've repaired permissions, used Disk Warrior and Disk Utility, even brought the 'book to the local Apple Store. The only suggestion the guy there had was to upgrade to 10.4.7 and/or upgrade to Toast 7 but after reading many of the posts here I am leery of doing the Toast upgrade, and I can't imagine how/why the OS upgrade would make a difference. (Especially as 6.1.1 is behaving perfectly on the PowerMac.) Help?