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  1. I guess I should have been more explicit. I know the track data is not on Windows Media Player and I appreciate the HACP suggestion. That's really not the issue. The issue is importing the CD text data from the newly burned CD to make labels and inserts. On every CD I have burned since upgrading(I even tried store bought CD's) the CD text information does not make it to the burned disc even though all the checks are in place to do so.. So my primary frustration and all I really care about at this time is creating CD labels and jewel box inserts. Neither the RecordNow 9 or Sure Thing Label creators can find any CD text data when you try to import from the newly burned CD's. Therefore every label needs to be manually created. In a random test of many XP created CD's I have..... all of the CD text data on those CD's burned on on my old(and gone) XP machine prior to the Vista upgrade is importable by both RN 9 and Sure Thing label creators. So, how do I get RecordNow9 to work as flawlessly on my new Vista machine as it did on my old XP computer? kh5500
  2. Since I upgraded to a new computer with Vista I am now having the same problem with RecordNow 9 which is allegedly Vista compliant. Even though all of the track title data shows where it should on the "Music Disc Creator" screen, on the the burned copy, while it plays beautifully, for some reason the track titles are not transferred to the newly burned disc, just 'Track 01, Track 02 etc. Which of course makes the label creation part a manual nightmare. All of the 'write CD text' checks have been enabled..., DMA is enabled. drivers have all been updated, I always burn at the slowest speed, and I've even tried an uninstall and a re-install. Nothing has worked. What's frustrating is that this software worked flawlessly on my old computer with XP. Hmmm? Any ideas? I submitted this problem into Roxio customer support. Hopefully their solution won't be to sell me the RecordNow 10 upgrade. kh5500