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    Screen Capture

    max frame rate of screen capture on creator nxt 4 is 30, the screen frame rate is 60, the playback of the recording is distorted both video and audio. How can this be corrected? Joseph
  2. JoeKuhn

    Installing vhs to dvd

    Thanks for putting me on the right track, everything is working fine now.
  3. JoeKuhn

    Installing vhs to dvd

    Thanks for yopur information. I installed the driver as suggested but I cannot find any information on Creator 2009 about how to covert VHS to DVD. By the way the card you indicated was not included in my package. How can I now convert VHS to DVD?
  4. JoeKuhn

    Installing vhs to dvd

    When I install easy vhs to dvd it uninstalls my Roxio Creator 2009 and when I then reinstall Roxio Creator 2009 it uninstalls vhs to dvd. I am using a Dell Studio with Windows Vista. I paid for both programs and I want to use them both. How can I do this?