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  1. I tried dragging the files but the show up with a .caf extension. iTunes does not recognize this format which is strange cause this is usually apple language. So I changed the extension to .aiff and voila! drag and drop into itunes. this'll keep me busy til they fix the problem. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.
  2. I didn't know saving to the desktop was an option. Any tips? I am also running snow leopard.
  3. How can I simplify this? I can auto capture with CDSD 6.1.1. (update that solved the inability to use auto capture). But can't import tracks into iTunes. I can't auto capture with CDSD 6.0.2 (old version that came in the box with the .kext issue). But can easily import tracks into iTunes. See my problem? I am forced to auto capture my streams with the updated version, then, reinstall the old version to bounce them into iTumes. Very unproductive. Anybody else with this issue? Thanks.