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  1. When I attempt to stream audio I get a muted recording with a hum in it. This problem just started and I cannot seem to fix it. I have Vista running Roxio 2009 Sound Editor and Sigmatel. Any assistance/information would be appreciated. Wally
  2. I am unable to record/capture internet streams or recorded sounds using Roxio. I can hear these streams when using WM player or Real Player. I tried using the steps outlined in a previous dicussion (Vista Audio) but was not sucessful. I cannot record internet stream or mp3 files using Capture Audio from Sound Card. No matter which setting I use (drivers), I cannot record. Any assistance is appreciated. Here is my system information: •Operating System (including service packs): Vista Home - current •Make: Gateway •Model: DX441X •Video card ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT AVerMedia M791 PCIe Combo NTSC/ATSC •Processor speed: 2.20 GHZ •RAM: 3GB •Free hard drive space: 288GB •I last did a Windows/Macintosh update on: Automatic to today All Drivers are current
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    Vista/Roxio Audio

    Thanks for the suggestions. I followed them but still can't capture. I have Media Center with a tuner included (AVerMedia M791 PCIe Combo NTSC/ATSC). There is no seperate sound card showing on the recording device list. When I record from the AVerMedia M791 PCIe Combo NTSC/ATSC the sound is speeded up and choppy. Under recording the recording device list, it does list SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC for the froint and rear mics and line in. I looked inside the computer and there is no other sound card so I assume it is part of the motherboard. I can record sounds from my ION via a USB connection. Are there any other options I can use? Again thanks for your input.