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    Device Error MyDVD 6.1

    Ok. So I read in another thread that you should burn the project to an image file first, then burn the image to DVD. Didnt work. Got the 8007000e Error while Encoding menu msg while trying to burn the project to an image file.
  2. RobLV

    Device Error MyDVD 6.1

    OK, another update. I changed the menu from the imported v6.1 file, to a menu that's available from the v10 that I upgraded to, and I got past the 8007000e error I was getting. But, I got another error. I got a Failed to start the image writing operation Error while burning image error. That could be b/c I've been re-using the DVDs from the failed attempts. Ill try again with a new DVD and see what happens. Edit: Tried with a new disc, same thing happened.
  3. RobLV

    Device Error MyDVD 6.1

    The error msg is 8007000e Error while Encoding Menu. As for some more info, I have checkmarks next to the following Steps, Open Project, Encode Movies, Encode Menus, and Complete. I dont have a checkmark next to Record Menus. I am also importing these files from MyDVD 6.1. Does that mean its an issue with the menu from the imported file?? And not with the media?? I'll try to capture and burn some video from scratch and see if the problem still occurs.
  4. RobLV

    Device Error MyDVD 6.1

    Ok, heres the latest. I upgraded to MyDVD 10, updated the driver for my video card to one from 9/09. I also picked up some Verbatim discs, and cleaned my drive with a CD cleaner. Now Im getting a 8007003e error on encoding msg. I get the same error msgs whether I use the Fuji DVDs or the Verbatims.
  5. RobLV

    Device Error MyDVD 6.1

    According to the manufacturer's specs, it can. I have an HP 1040i DVD burner.
  6. RobLV

    Device Error MyDVD 6.1

    If the Fuji 4.7s work with no problem, shouldnt the 8.5s work with no problem also?? Or are they not necessarily made by the same manufacturers, just branded Fuji??
  7. Ive been trying to burn 8.5 GB DVDs and I keep getting a Device Error - Sense Code 3 73 03 along with Power Calibration Area Error - Sequential Write 2130932483. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?? Thanks PS. I'm using FujiFilm DVDs. I've used FujiFilm 4.7 DVD with no problems. I did have problems with Maxell 8.5 DVDs.