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  1. Thanks Tbrewst. It works in 2011 too. That's the answer! Real simple when you know what button to press. Thanks again.
  2. In Roxio Convert and Transfer, you get the option of structuring the subfolder/file name where the audio files are to be exported by picking what is to be extracted from each tag file ("Track #", "Title", Artist", etc.). Apparently, this option is not available in the Sound Editor, or LP and Tape Assistant windows for exporting your audio files.
  3. I have Creator 2011 and have been digitizing LPs and tapes using the Roxio LP and Tape Assistant window and creating Tags for each song without problems. However, when I export them as mp3 files to my harddrive, the default file names come out using the Number, Title, and Artist from the tag file I made. I just want the Title in the file name and have to edit out the numbers and artist names later from the mp3 files. This is tedious for a large number of files exported from an album. I can't find anyway to edit preferences for naming the exported file here or in Sound Editor if I go there before exporting them. Does anyone know if there a way to edit preferences for what goes into the final file name?
  4. Charles#

    You Tube Capture

    Adding to Williard's comments that he was successful with the Firefox add-on Youtube Downloader, I tried it and another add-on, Video Downloader Helper (VDH). The Youtube Downloader was much faster in downloading the below listed link, but had a smaller file size and bitrate than the VDH. However both probably exceeded the file resolution (260p) of the You Tube video. The VDH also added an annoying logo in the upper corner which comes with the free version. I opted to stay with the YouTube Downloader. The link to the You Tube video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgt1ZLDIy1M The name of the video, if the link doesn't work is The Prize (Part 7 of 8)- "The Tinderbox" Interesting series that I dvd'd from TV but missed this episode.
  5. Charles#

    You Tube Capture

    I added both the Easy YouTuber Video Downloader 6.5 and the Video Downloader Helper and tried both out by downloading the same hour long YouTube video on my new Firefox browser. The YouTuber Downloader was amazingly fast (made me wonder about quality) while the Downloader Helper took a little time, about the same as Roxio's Video Copy and Convert would have (if it worked). The Youtuber Downloader produced a MP4 Video file of 150 MB, frame rate of 25 f/sec, data rate of 290 kbs, and bitrate of 390 kps. The Downloader Helper created a Movie Clip file of 338 MB, frame rate of 24 f/s, data rate of 807 kbs, and bitrate of 871 kbs. Although it would appear that the Downloader Helper product would be higher quality, I didn't notice it on comparing the videos, possibly because of the quality of the YouTube video was not that high. I didn't like the Downloader Helper's logo being in the corner of the video, but would have to pay $28 something to upgrade to get rid of it. I chose what I thought was the highest quality choices on file formats for both downloads. Would like to think I'm getting the highest quality video possible but am perplexed by the differences in bitrates.
  6. Charles#

    You Tube Capture

    I have the same problem with Video Copy and Convert not recognizing YouTube. It sometimes downloads a commercial but not the main video I wanted. I even tried it on ones I had copied in the past. I use Window Internet Explorer and had "upgraded" to version 9 some time ago, so I thought that might be a problem. I downloaded Firefox as suggested by Williard M. above and was going to get the YouTube downloader plug in when I saw this at the bottom of the FireFox page: September 14th 2012 YouTube issue We are aware of the problem that occurred on Sept 14th (13th if you are in the US). This is due to some changes YouTube just made. We are working hard at solving the issue. Please, give us a little bit of time and refrain from downrating the addon. UPDATE: we now have a temporary workaround. It is available from http://www.downloadhelper.net/install-beta.php?version=4.9.10b2 I hope this is the problem and assume if Firefox gets it straightened out, maybe "Video Copy and Convert" will also?
  7. Charles#

    Can I Preview An Iso Image File Before Burning?

    Video Copy and Convert works, thanks everyone for the help. Charles
  8. In an earlier version of Roxio Creator, when you clicked on an iso file, you got a preview window that allowed you to preview the video before burning. This insured the iso file was the one that you wanted without the waste of burning it to a DVD. I don't see this preview option in Creator 11. Is there another application in Creator 11 that lets you preview it? Videowave, Video Copy and Convert maybe?