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    How-Creating Hd Dvd Pal Format

    thanks for the added info, I will have to try this even for American format content. Excuse the delay in reply appreciate your responses
  2. camdently

    How-Creating Hd Dvd Pal Format

    Thank you for your time and effort to reply to my question. I have been going over my files and work to make sure I understand everything in your reply and the addition to the first reply closes the loop for me. There is no equivalent European answer in the PAL format that copes with HD, and in the US the NTSC doesn't cope with HD either; you have to use AVCHD to get HD on a regular DVD and BD HD to get a blue ray HD format on a BD disk. I will have to wait for some friend of my sister to see what she has for a dvd player is there any use for the file output (1920x1080 HD PAL) that I mentioned above> its 2 gb compared to the other avchd or bd files which are about 680 mb..... as I am wondering why the program generates this. thanks again very much, topic solved
  3. In video wave I selected the following output parameters: VIDEO FILE, PURPOSE:HD DVD AUTHORING, CHECKED THE PAL RADIO BUTTON, and this all indicated that the output would be: 1920x1080 @25fps, 28 Mbps. I then went to MY DVD and made the following project settings: proj type: DVD-VIDEO, STANDARD: *PAL CHECKED, NORMALIZE AUDIO, PLAY MOVIE ONLY, PRESET: HIGH QUALITY (HQ) and here is where I have a problem/question as the VIDEO FORMAT IS GREYED OUT AND SHOWS MPEG-2, AND RADIO BUTTON SIZE MAX IS CHECKED FOR 720X576, and nothing changes whether I check INTERLACED or PROGRESSIVE. I don't think the audio menu section will have any bearing on what my issue is. This is my first try to generate a dvd for someone in England for Christmas. FOGOT: The output mentioned above from my "PAL" settings in Video Wave has been brought into this project at this time, that all the above settings were made. My question is do these settings generate a high deg192x1080 PAL compatible movie which is what I am trying to do. If not can this be done and how? Any recommendations ? I don't think I have anything to test this on. PS Picture file is already set up and generated AVCHD and BD movies for domestic family. Thanks in advance for your help and attention to this inquiry. Camendsy
  4. Thanks JitThanks Jim, that was a quick response and now I am happy to tell you that I followed your instructions in the sequence you stated and both installations are working fine. My post may have seemed a bit cautious but these days it is so easy to get "stucked" and I was doubly concerned because there was no way to contact Roxio/Corel even by e-mail that I could find to ask such a simple question. Thanks again your input is very much appreciated.
  5. Following suggestion in another post I am here: My problem is: Have RxNXT Pro on my main working desktop cpu and it is registered and was installed once. Based on my understanding of license agreement it can only be installed on one cpu. I now have in hand just purchased NXT 2 Pro. I would like to uninstall NXT Pro and install it on my newly purchased laptop. Then I would install my new NXT 2 PRO on my main working desktop cpu (from which I just removed NXT Pro). I have not made any changes YET as I don't want to uninstall NXT PRO and find out I can't install it on my new laptop. Also I don't want to risk installing on the same cpu as it may automatically remove the current NXT PRO installation , unless this process allows me to then install NXT Pro on my laptop. Reading all the posts I can't find any instructions to deactivate the current installation of NXT PRO which other programs provide so you can do another install. ( Have Rx11 on another desktop cpu, and it was only installed once FYI). Please help me. I don't know where to go to put in ticket for e-mail support (if this exists with this company/product). If this is not the correct place to seek such help please direct me as to where to go. it would be really nice if you could e-mail me the solution as well using my account info.... thanks in advance for all your help
  6. My question relating to this topic is: How can (if it ispossible) I set diffrent slides to individual time durations in a slideshow, this is in Slideshow Assistant in Rx2011 Pro which I just bought hopeing that it would have a fairly robust slideshow creator. The following info will help frame my broader question. I have been using Photoshop elements to do my photo editing, and previously also its create a slide show subprogram, which has a lot of good features(some of which I can yield on to get as an end result a HD 16:9 format slide show DVD movie). With my previous Rx products I outputed from PSE the best quality .wmv file and then used Videowave to add my sound tracks, effects, etc., and My DVD to create the best available DVD movie. However this does not provide me a high quality HD 1920x1080 input to Videowave and then MyDVD and my final burn lacks the quality I desire. So I edit my pics (** all to 16:9, 1920x1080, 240dpi) and I am looking for a slide show creator that will maintain the fidelity of this input ( and I can give up more sophisticated Pan and Zoom features, and even tools to rearrange the order of slides in large projects (300-400 slides) but I would really like to be able to set various time durations for individual slides( word slides need time to be read). Since I noticed that the alternate output of the slide show creator in Rx2011 is: AVC(H.264) and I can select in the process flow AVCHD 1920 X 1080/24p and the regular DVD and even better AVCHD DVD for my final burn: AND, the results are fantastic, I feel I am getting the high quality DVD slide show I have been looking for. So since I am learning the new features in Rx2011, my broader question is: Have I missed something? Since I am happy with PSE8 picture editing is there another product (from anyone) that will take my final edit pictures(per above **format) that will have most of the features I desire, and will provide a compatible HD input to Videowave? NOTE: In my sample test case, even though I did use the output option to create the various files from each, so I could see what the program did; I actually used the "send direct to" feature to go directly from slideshow creator>Videowave>MyDVD and I really like it. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can provide me on this issue. Camdently
  7. My question is: I have Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Suite, so specifically will these projects work in Creator 10,(creator 10 pro,ifthat makes any difference) and secondly If I recall correctly there were several formats offered to create DVD movies in Creator 10 but not in Creator 2009 ( you had to buy them?), as I don't know how to find this out without buying the package. Thanks in advance for your help