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  1. Thanks fort the suggestions, folks. Unfortunately, after an uninstall and re-install, I still get the same error on every Blu-ray disc. Commercial DVDs play just fine. I think I'm going to have to return the product.
  2. Hi GrandpaBruce... It is indeed Roxio CinePlayer BD; it even displays the Blu-ray and BD Live logos on the opening screen. Unfortunately, your suggestion made no difference. I appreciate the response, though! -mark
  3. Hi... Just purchased the Blu-Ray playback plugin for Roxio Creator 2010 Pro, and it will not play any commercial blu-ray discs. I get the following error for every disc: The application could not read this copy protected disc. Please clean the disc or try another disc. My system meets the system requirements for the product. Futhermore, I have previously successfully played the blu-ray discs with another vendor's product on the same PC. Any help/suggestions appreciated! -mark