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  1. i used to have Creator 9, but had to purchase another program because it is not compatible with W10. So now I have Nxt5 I go to videowave, add my pictures, text and all that good stuff, but how the heck do I burn ?
  2. roubee

    where is the burn button

    sorry about the confusion. There is a learning curve when going from Creator 9 to NXT 5. So, I create my work of art in Videowave. What are the steps I need to take to make this production into a dvd to watch on my TV? Where is the "Send to MyDVD in Videowave?
  3. roubee

    Videowave 2009

    I am trying to add a mov. file to a videowave 2009 production . I tried using DIVX to convert it, but nothing is working. Any suggestions?
  4. roubee

    Creator 2009

    I am having a few problems. First, I can only open this program by clicking on the desktop icon. On our other computer, we can open any application seperately. Next, when I wopen photosuite, click on edit photos, all I get is the box with the circle going round and round and then nothing. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks to all.
  5. I am trying to save space on my computer and only want to install the data portion of Creator 2009 since this is all I will use. I went to add/remove programs, but when I choose change/remove, all I am allowed to do is remove the whole program. Am I missing something? Thanks
  6. roubee

    Remove Features

    What is a HDD? hahaha
  7. roubee

    Video Wave

    I have EMC 8 installed, can open videowave, but I am not able to load pictures or anything else. What could this be caused from?
  8. roubee

    Video Wave

    Was it really necessary to reply with a snotty answer? If you can't reply with a nice comment, then don't reply at all.
  9. roubee

    Video Wave

    can someone please help me..........
  10. roubee

    Video Wave

    how do I do that?Remember, I am a rookie at this...........
  11. roubee

    Video Wave

    Really? Is there any way to make it work? Could it be my video card? You mean to say that you spend all this money on a program and can only use it for a year or two?
  12. roubee

    Video Wave

    ok, so I did the clean install and still am unable to open it. What's your next suggestion. Thanks
  13. roubee

    Video Wave

    Hi there, No error messages. I launch the program, Roxio Creator 8 Suite Home, select applications, videowave and get the next screen. I then click on add pictures and absolutely nothing happens. I try to close the program and have to hit control, alt, delete to close it.
  14. does roxio 8 allow me to add a persons face to an already established digital picture?
  15. roubee

    Videowave Problem

    i completed a movie in Videowave, it playsback on the computer but not on my tv. What could be the reason?
  16. roubee

    Videowave Problem

    I figuered out what is was. The default setting is PAL and I wanted NTSC. How do I change the default setting in the project settings window to NTSC? thanks so much for your time
  17. roubee

    Music Disc Creator

    Simple question.....how di I delete/change the columns that appreas, such as fade and transition?
  18. roubee

    video_ts.ifo file

    i have a dvd that was made from my video camera into a dvd. it is a video_ts.ifo file. Am i able to edit this anywhere with roxio 8 suite? if so, how is this done. I have downloaded the file onto my hardrive. thanks
  19. roubee


    so, what is the best way to create a dvd with music/transition for 1700 pictures?
  20. roubee

    Video Wave

    when I click on the tv safe zone, the whole picture is fuzzy..........what am I doing wrong? This has never happened before.
  21. on the add background music submenu, is there a way to delete some of the columns, such as length of song,size, etc. There seems to be too many columns and when i go to add a song to my production, i am always having to arrow over the column to see the title of the song, so why not get rid of a few columns. thanks
  22. roubee

    videowave 8 - add background music

    yes, that is what I see. Everytime I open it, the title of the song is covered by the next column. I know how to drag the covering colum over, but how do I just get rid of the columns I don't require.
  23. roubee


    Sorry.....videowave, my dvd, change menu background..........what specs do you require from me?
  24. roubee


    When trying to change the menu background to one of my own pictures, it changes the size of the production to a very small one and does not give me the option of burning. It's almost like when I change the background picture, the production goes away. Do I have a setting wrong or something? HELP?????????????????
  25. roubee

    videowave 8 - add background music

    Well, I was wondering if there is a permanant way to rearrange these columns, because I have to slide the arrow everytime I add a song to the production.