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  1. I need to update my premium service

  2. Stan Smith

    Photoshow 5

    Thanks again for your input. As originally stated, I had been using Photoshow 5 and Photoshow 6 for many years with no problems. I decided to upgrade to Photoshow Premium 6 in Oct 2013. After installing Photoshow 6, the Photoshow 5 quit functioning, only giving me a 15 day trial version. I'm somewhat dissatisfied with Photoshow 6 because I can't edit, crop, delete red-eye, etc. I always did everything on Photoshow 5, then moved it to Photoshow 6 for burning. It was so much faster. I have made nearly 1000 photoshows over the last ten years and hardly ever had a problem, many having over 1000 photos each and using my own MP3's on most of them, for families, friends, and organizations where I live. I'll figure this out somehow, but I really do appreciate your help. Stan
  3. Stan Smith

    Photoshow 5

    Thanks for your help thus far. My E-mail message after registering Photoshow 6 on Oct 9, 2013, came from Roxio Shop cs@cleverbridge@cfl.rr.com and only a reference number was provided. There is no product key or CD key available on my Roxio account page. The reference number doesn't help either. I've tried several different ways to install it. I have everything on my computer saved on my Passport. Thanks. Stan Smith
  4. Stan Smith

    Photoshow 5

    After loading Photoshow 6, my Photoshow 5 showed a 15 day time trial, but would not let do anything on it. I didn't have a product key to enter. The description of photoshow 6 implies that it still remains as part of it. Thanks.
  5. Stan Smith

    Photoshow 5

    I have recently purchased Roxio Photoshow 6. It all works fine. I want to continue with my Photoshow 5 but can't re-download it. I will pay for it again if necessary. Thanks.