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  1. Hi --I have a 23" widescreen monitor. The default position of the Roxio desktop icon is close to the middle of my screen, which is very annoying. I am tired of moving the icon to the edge of the screen every time I boot up my computer. Is there a way to re-position the icon to a new default location on the desktop? If it is a registry hack, I can do that. Just let me know how to do it.
  2. Yes, I understand that. I followed the instructions from both replies to my post. Nevertheless, this is what I get: I see that the icon in your screenshot are the program shortcuts. I am referring to the drag and drop icon as you see. I apologize for not making that clearer. So, given this new info, do you have other possible solutions?
  3. ktpardue

    Roxio Website Problems

    Hi --thanks for your reply. I seem to be able to use "Contact Us" now. However, one of the website pages that has "Contact Us" has an ASPX extension rather than an HTML. It's somewhere around the discussion group registration pages. Anyway, the contact.html goes through with no problem. Thanks again! Hi again - Found the page: https://selfserve.roxio.com/contact.aspx It can be accessed by first clicking on this link: http://www.roxio.com/enu/company/contact.html Then, under Web Site Feedback, click on "Report a Problem Registering". This takes the user to https://selfserve.roxio.com/contact.aspx which is broken. I will report this using the "broken link" link
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    Roxio Website Problems

    Hi - I am a new user of the Roxio website. I am a registered Roxio 2010 customer. When I logged in to my account, I also decided to register to post in the discussion groups. However, the new discussion group user registration would not allow me to register using the email I use to log in to the Roxio site. It says there is another user with that email address. Yes, it is me! Finally, I had to use another email address to post here. That should not happen. I should be able to use one email for "My Account" logins and "Discussion Group" logins. By the way, your contact.aspx page will not load.
  5. Hi all, Thanks! I am running Vista. In response to both replies, I removed the "align to grid", re-positioned the icon to where I wanted it, and rebooted the computer. The icon is back in the center of my screen. The way it behaves makes me think this is determined by the program. I really think this needs a registry hack...