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    Double layer disc question

    sorry about the confusion, when i wrote about compressing to 8.5 GB i should probably have written that it should create a disc image that is 8.5 GB. when i go to burn straight from a video TS to a dvd, the information between the large "Select" button and the large "copy options button" (if there is a way i can post a screenshot let me know) which is refered to as the copy summary shows that auto compression is on. Perhaps there is a way to turn this off. If i proceed from here and burn on a SL dvd then it compresses normally and writes. If i instead burn to DL media the drive seems to "know" that it doesn't need to compress (though it nevers shows me that it does by, for instance, showing the auto compression is "off" as it would show if the video TS folder was less than 4.7 GB). In my experience burning straight from a video TS folder to SL media has caused problems such as freezing, so i have in the past had success writing an image file and then burning it (much thanks to tsantee for that, i read some other posts, tried it and it worked). My problem is that if i want to burn to DL media i don't know how to create an image file that is not compressed, popcorn will automatically compress it to be burned to SL media. I tried what you mentioned about not selecting any copy options, but it still had the auto compression when i started it it went ahead started compressing. Prompting me about DL or SL would make sense, but it never did. anyway, any help would be much appreciated. thanks for looking.
  2. ckranitzky

    Double layer disc question

    Maybe i'm going about this incorrectly, but when i create a disc image i set everything up the way i would if i was burning from a video TS folder and then select "Save as disc image" from the file menu...when i do this the window that opens up simply asks for a new file name and location, there is no left pane. I poked around in everything i could find (preferences, copy options, etc) and could never find "Fit-to-DVD video compression"
  3. ckranitzky

    Double layer disc question

    I have found that i have better luck burning video TS folders to disc if i first create a disc image and then burn the disc image, then burn it to a dvd. This is a hassle, but i can deal with that (and have to b/c if i try to burn straight from the video TS to a dvd it freezes during the process about 3/4 of the time.) anyway, my question is this: how can i set popcorn to create a disc image that doesn't compress the image to 4.7 GB but compresses to 8.5 GB instead. thanks
  4. ckranitzky

    Tracking Servo Error

    Hi all, I saw this elsewhere in the forum but couldn't find a solid answer so I thought I would repost. Whenever I try to burn a DVD i get a error message that reads: "The drive reported an error Sense Key = HARDWARE ERROR Sense Code = 0x09, 0x01 TRACKING SERVO FAILURE" at that point i can no longer close popcorn and must restart. I'm using the superdrive that came with my iMac, and this has been going on for a few months (i've been trying to get technical support from roxio without any luck), prior to that the program had worked just fine. I saw someplace that someone mentioned that installing OS 10.4.6 may have messed up popcorn...i have no idea if that is the problem (i don't remember when 10.4.6 came out, though the timeframe seems about right), but am currently running 10.4.7 any help would be appreciated -Charles