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  1. Hi guys , I have had my RecordNow Deluxe for a very long time . Recently I installed a VHS to DVD and after registering this product , I decided to register my RecordNow Deluxe . I go through the procedure including , entering my serial number , a message comes and tells me they are unable to connect with my program server and to try again later . The same happened when I tried to check for updates . John
  2. I have had Record Now for many years , and in June 2004 I purchased a Record Now De Luxe 7.0 , through Digital River . I have recently registered a My DVD Premier 8 , that I bought in June 2006 , also through Digital River . That registration went through OK , but I cannot register my Record Now De Luxe 7.0 . I can't even find it listed anywhere . It is a valuable tool on my computer , and I would like someone to explain why I have this problem . jabarli