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    Titanium 12

    That’s a shame in 2014 to make you buy a 32bit process App supposely a great upgrade Humm, at least it is Intel but because it is not 64bit it could not work with the Gpu and slower rendering , i wait another 2 years if so until it is 64bit so Titanium 13 could be it
  2. alrobi

    Titanium 12

    If somebody out there could tell me on a Mac if the new Titanium12 it is finally an Intel 64bit App Thank you
  3. alrobi

    BD burning using Toast 10

    Go to OWC site there are nice burner their at the good price i am on a MAC pro Quad and everything work great for BluRay burn BD
  4. alrobi

    OWC External DVD Writer - no USB functinality?

    If your burner it is a Bluray the USB it iis only to burn Lightscribe
  5. alrobi

    Settings for Burning Blu Ray DVD in Toast 10 Pro

    What it isthe size o f the source movie and is it mpeg 2, h264 couls be a start to help you