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    Can't access LP/tape assistant function

    Jim I just looked to see if you had solved your problem and I see that you did. Good for you Gary
  2. gary2457

    Can't access LP/tape assistant function

    Jim I had the same problem a couple times. I finally decided to completely erase and re-install. However, when you delete or remove the program there are almost always parts left which will probably be found in C;\Program Files\Roxio. You will need to delete these by right clicking on them and deleting that way. I also cleaned out my Registry of anything referring to Roxio, which was time consuming but after donig that and re-installing Roxio everything has worked since! Good Luck Gary
  3. gary2457

    Suite 9 Deluxe Install

    I wrote a complaint letter to the California Headquarters and they had someone call me.
  4. gary2457

    Suite 9 Deluxe Install

    Thanks for the information about Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and Clean Installation Of Easy Media Creator. They solved my problems. I dont know why the 3 people I talked to in Tech Support never mentioned any of this. Thanks Again Gary gary2457
  5. I installed Suite 9 Deluxe and it went through all the motions and told me the installation was complete. However, it did not create a shortcut so I went into Program Files\Roxio\Creator 9 and double clicked the exe Icon to see if that would work. I then got the message `Certificate File missing or corrupt reinstall the file`. I have tried everything including deleting every reference to Roxio on my hard drive and the registry and then attempting another install with the same results. I have tried the Repair option on the CD and ii too goes through the motions and I get the same results as the install. I cant seem to get any responses from Roxio except to refer me back to an endless loop in the automated help systems which does not contain any references to this problem. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Gary
  6. gary2457

    can't burn a specific mp3

    I had a similar problem and the only way I was able to do any good was to uninstall Roxio and Nero and reinstall Roxio. Everything was fine after that.
  7. gary2457

    Label Creator

    When I print the CD Case back it only prints about half of the list. I cant find a way to reduce the font so it will print all entries.