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    Weird Burning/playback Issue....

    I own the Leppard Audio CD that is factory pressed. When played in the car, this has pauses/tiny skips in between tracks. I have also burned FLAC music files to CD's as audio CD's (not data or mp3)....Getting same result as my store bought live CD's....So it's not a problem with Roxio. I haven't tried playing the files through a USB source or as MP3's....I will see what happens with that. Last night, I combined all my tracks for one show into one long track, then burned to CD...That plays fine with no gaps....Only problem is that you can't fast forward or skip tracks.
  2. tts42

    Weird Burning/playback Issue....

    It's definitely the car audio system. I've found some other discussions about this same issue after searching around on the net some...Apparently others have run into this same issue with other types of cars and radios. I guess I can either burn as one long track or learn to live with the tiny gaps. Quite frustrating though that this would be a problem in today's day and age...You would think this would be something that all those engineers making big bucks would iron out. Lesson learned though....In the future, I'll test my live Cd's in the car radio before buying it....Just wasn't something that ever crossed my mind as being a potential problem.
  3. tts42

    Weird Burning/playback Issue....

    I believe this is an issue with the radio in the car that for some reason is reading track gaps in all my CD's.... I even tried some officially produced live CD's that wasn't even burned by me (Def Leppard Mirrorball Live CD)....And I'm hearing tiny skips between tracks with those CD's as well......I've never noticed any skips when listening to that CD on any other players.... I'm pretty certain it's just something to do with this specific car radio. If officially released Live CD's are skipping between tracks, I doubt there is much I'll be able to do unless I burn the show as one entire big track....Which I don't want to do. Still strange that it suddenly appears in this car.....
  4. tts42

    Weird Burning/playback Issue....

    Under the create menu....I select "Burn Audio CD". Then I select my FLAC files on my computer to add them to the project and click the burn button. I've never noticed any gaps in any of my live concert CD's that I've burned using this same procedure and this same program. Now when I use those same exact CD's that had already been burned and play them in my new car, I'm getting tiny pauses between tracks. However, I can play that same exact CD in my wifes car and it plays with no skips or pauses between tracks. It's just really weird....Would think the pauses are either there or they aren't. Not sure why it would make a difference where I'm playing it. All I can think of it that my new car (2013 Acadia) has some newer technology built into the radio that is causing it to read track breaks or something. I'm really not thinking it's an issue with Roxio....But I might try a different burning software just to see what happens. Maybe I'd get a different result with Windows Media Player or something.... It's just really weird that the CD has gaps when played in my car....and it doesn't when played in other players.
  5. tts42

    Weird Burning/playback Issue....

    I've always just used the "Burn CD" under the audio tab.... I have concerts in FLAC format on my computer....I just add the files and burn the CD.... Have never had any issues with playback on any other player I've played the CD's in before....They play, with no gaps. Now I play those same CD's in this new car, and there are gaps. Really weird. Thinking is has to be something with the way the new car radio is reading the CD.... Maybe I need to try a newer version of Roxio or something to keep up with current technology in the car....
  6. I'm using Roxio Creater 2010 with a Windows 7 PC... I'm a big collector of live music....So I often burn live shows to CD using Roxio to listen to in the car. I just got a new 2013 car and when listening to my live CD's, I'm hearing gaps between tracks. With my old car, I would listen to those same CD's and not hear gaps between the tracks....I also get no gaps when I listen on the computer.... Has anybody out there had this issue? My old car just had a basic radio/CD player with no complex/computer features. However, the new one has a computerized radio with bluetooth streaming, USB hookups ,etc, etc.... I'm thinking this new radio is somehow reading the CD differently and is seeing gaps. Do you think it has anything to do with any Roxio settings? I don't see any "Disc at once" settings in Roxio Creater 2010 anywhere.... I was going to try maybe using a different burning software...Maybe Windows Media Player or something... It's just weird that I never heard any gaps with my old car radio....And hear no gaps on my home CD player....But am getting slight gaps between tracks now in the car.
  7. I decided to just use audacity to insert track markers as it doesn't leave any gaps at all and does just what I need.
  8. I have the video on my computer. I have used Roxio audio editor to create 1 big FLAC audio file of the whole performance. I understand how to get the audio file out of the DVD....just looking for help with adding the track breaks in the big audio file that is created from the extracted audio. I am then trying to use the "edit audio" portion of Roxio Creator 2010 to insert track breaks. I'm not sure if there is another name to this program.....I'm in the audio editor portion of the program where you can clean audio, enhance, add sound effects, etc. I know how to insert the track markers...but after I've done that and exported all the tracks/clips....and burn to a CD....I hear tiny blips when I play back the final burned CD in the spots where I inserted the track breaks. I just would like to know if there is a way to insert track breaks without hearing them on the final burned CD? Wondering if there is an option or something I'm missing? The breaks aren't coming through as full 2 second gaps....but you can definitely hear where they are on the CD during playback. I just want the breaks to sorta be "invisible" breaks....
  9. It was a high school concert my daughter performed and I recorded the show with a digital camera. I've taken the audio out of the show to try making her a CD of the performance.... I don't think it's illegal considering half the people in the place we recording it and it a personal use show that isn't being sold. I just want to be able to add tracks to it without little skips between them. I would think you should be able to track it and still have it play just as it does as one continuous file.....
  10. Using Roxio Creator 2010 for editing and burning. Sorry...the word "And" in the subject should be "Any"... Okay. I have a DVD rip of an audio concert that my daughter did. I want to add track breaks in the recording without any physical breaks at all during playback....basically, want to add totally seamless track breaks. I do know how to add track breaks and export the tracks....however, when I put the track breaks in, there is always a tiny hiccup during playback where the track break was put in. It's like a half second skip or something. I just want the recording tracked without any breaks at all. I have other live shows on my computer that others have tracked out....And when I burn those using the same Roxio program, they come out fine. Track breaks are seamless and you would never know they are there.....So I'm pretty sure the burning software handles DAO fine and that it's something to do with the editing portion.... Is there an option or something that I can check in the audio editor portion so that there is no break at all when a track break is put in and cd is burned? I was thinking of trying to use Audacity instead....but seems like Roxio should be able to handle it somehow. THANKS