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  1. I am recording my dj mixes with easy lp to mp3. I am experiencing a high pitch hum when I play back the recording. I tried using some of the roxio tools, but can't make it go away. Basically, out of my master out on mixer, I run the roxio cables to the usb on my hard drive. I have xlr cables going to my 204 sound enhancer, and from the 204, to my self powered speaker. I also have an external effects box hooked up to mixer. My questions are, can bad rca cables make the hum? Should I run my wires more uniform instead of hanging together and crossing over each other? I have a dell which is about 4 years old - I can hear the hard drive running all the time while it is on. Could this be the noise I'm hearing. I only hear the hum when the music is low, or a pause.
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    roxio easy lp to mp3

    I just wrote it to cd though, and it worked. I wish I could hear it through my computer speakers during playback.
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    roxio easy lp to mp3

    When I first did a test, I could play back sound. Played my first set with turntables and mixer, and when I went to listen to it, no sound. I can see the music bars, so I know I am receiving from the mixer, but i just can't hear the music. My computer speakers are working.