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  1. Sorry if I have offended anyone I was trying to keep my responses short. Also I have not been able to respond quickly this time. In answer to one question, yes I have a DVD burner in my computer. What I am trying to do is to add a few short maybe 10 second clips to vacation slide shows. I have seen this used very effectively by various people. For instance one person I know used a few small clips from "Titanic" in his slide show for a boat trip vacation. It was cleverly done and was very funny. I would burn the slide show to a DVD for showing to my family and friends only. I think I did answer all the other questions asked and did follow up on all the suggestions except defrag. The place where I put capture video temporarily, is a 130 GB partition on a 200 GB disk(2nd HD). This partition is normally empty except for a few file folders which amount to a few GBs from pictures. I just checked it and Windows shows there are no fragmented files. I seldom leave anything there very long and it was essentially empty for the capture tests I ran. Could the fact it is a partition be a problem? There are three other partitions on that HD, one each for automatic backup twice a week with Disk Image 7,0 for the three computers in our household. The backup occurs while we sleep so I don't think that is interfering with capture? I tried capture again with my antivirus turned off. No help. Someone suggested that Roxio does not handle capture with USB very well. I tried sending the signal to my Hauppage TV Card, but I could not get it thru into my computer. Again I am sorry for any offense I caused. I do need help in solving this problem.
  2. Thank you all for your help and suggestions! It is a stand alone player. Nothing else is running. I have 100 GB free on my 2nd HD where I saved the files. There is little else on it for me to think the HD would require defrag. My computer has a USB 2.0 controller and I have the latest driver. I have reconfirmed that the problem is worse in AVI. I would appreciate any more suggestions that you could give me.
  3. I have been trying to capture video clips from my DVD Player to mix in with my slide shows My system is as follows: 1) Dell Dimension 4500 with an Intel Pentium 4@ 2 GHz. 750 MB RAM. EMC10 on XP. 2) Nvidea GeForce 6200 with 128MB Graphics Memory 3) I am using the Dazzle DVC 90 that came with EMC 8 Deluxe. It is connected to my DVD player by a 6' S-Video cable and to the computer by a USB Cord I was not too surprised to find that capture in AVI with it's large files was unuseable because of dropped frames and audio gaps, but MPEG-2 capture was dropping frames with large scale motion such as panning. Motion of individuals was OK. There were some tiny audio gaps. Capture without audio made little difference in video quality. Also shadows showed like black "snow" when Panning. Somehow, importing the clips into VideoWave and then burning improved the video quality, but not quite enough for my liking. I am close and was wondering small hardware change could just get me over the difficulty with the jerky looking Pan problem.
  4. I bought a pack of Avery 8944 which is the same template as Avery 5931 and 8695. This template has two discs one above the other. Label Creator printed one label in the middle of the sheet. The solution is to change the printer settings from portrait to landscape. The fine tuning settings work OK then also.
  5. BLT

    Chroma Key

    No the default is hardware.
  6. BLT

    Chroma Key

    On my desktop the Chroma Key function works fine. I cannot get it to work on my notebook (1 year old,512K RAM, 2GHz IBM). I have the latest version of DirectX on both. Any suggestions?
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    Yellow Background

    In EMC 8 Deluxe VideoWave , when I click on the Story Line Production Editor in an area not on a photo or transition, the entire area background turns a pale yellow. What does this mean and what additional features or limitattions does this give me.
  8. What I found was the problem is that I cannot do it in HARDWARE Rendering. When I switch to SOFTWARE Rendering I have no trouble adding text to any single slide I want. Mixed rendering does not wok either. If I use HARDWARE to get the full transition set I cannot add the text as above, and if I switch to SOFTWARE after adding transitions, then some transitions do not show up in preview. I presume this is all because of my vintage video card.
  9. I am using the TIMELINE view in EMC 8 Deluxe. The procedure for adding text to a first slide only as answered in the forum works fine for a first slide. How do I do it for say for a later slide only. When I try that same procedure (double-clicking on the slide) for say the second slide I get that slide only on the INTERNAL TRACKS view but no text box appears for writing the text. In STORYLINE the text goes on all the following slides and double clicking brings up the PHOTO EDITOR.
  10. The procedure for adding text to a first slide only as answered in the forum works fine for a first slide. How do I do it say for a later slide only. When I try that same procedure for say the second slide I get no text box or a message that text cannot be added at this position.