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    Sector 0 Unreadable

    No extended warranty. I tried with apple apps and other 3rd party apps. No luck. Both my mac and my standalone dvd player think the disc is unreadable after I try to burn. also...I will soon be reinstalling my system with OS 10.4, I have been running on 10.2.8. Any chance this will fix my problems for me?
  2. APW

    Sector 0 Unreadable

    I tried to burn an imation DVD+R, but it popped up on the desktop as "Untitled CD" not "DVD", and toast said there was no burnable media in the drive, does this mean my drive can't read/burn DVD+R's and I have to make sure I use DVD-R's?
  3. APW

    Sector 0 Unreadable

    Ok, thanks. However, the odd thing is that I have succesfully burned two dvd's on these same Maxell discs before. I will try different media, but I am just wondering if having successfully burnt to this media discounts that as the problem or if that could just be some error/anomaly and I really do need different media? I was using Fujifilm dvd-r's and had no problem, I'll go back to those.
  4. APW

    Sector 0 Unreadable

    I can't open the VIDEO_TS folder because I cannot get to anything on the dvd. It doesn't even show up on the desktop. When I put it in, I get a pop up error that says the disc is unreadable, with options to format, eject, etc. Plus it won't play on other dvd players, which is where I really want to play it. And that thing about the book type, is that fixable?
  5. APW

    Sector 0 Unreadable

    The drive is a Sony DVD RW DW-U10A, built in to my iMac. I am using Maxell DVD-R's. When I try to play a burned disc in my computer, it says "disc unreadable", and in a dvd player simply nothing happens.
  6. APW

    Sector 0 Unreadable

    I had been burning dvd's no problem, but one day I got a "sector 0 unreadable : verifcation failed" message during verification. When I tested the disc it didn't work at all, I have since tried many times to burn a disc but none have worked. If I do verification, it fails, and the disc doesn't work, if I don't, the disc also doesn't work then. I changed my Recorder settings to put BUffer underrun protection on, not knowing if it would help, and it didn't. Every time I try and burn a dvd now, I have this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.