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    Cd Spin Doctor 6 Failure On Mac Os Mavericks

    Thank you, tsantee. Spin Doctor was good while it lasted, but now I'm experimenting with Audio Hijack Pro. I'm finding that on every audio stream capture, however, there are a few seconds of ratty audio, so I'll search some other programs. My main wish is to record streaming audio in WAV 44.1 stereo, which Audio Hijack permits. Best regards, Mickey
  2. I have just learned that my CD Spin Doctor 6 (in Toast 10) won't support its Audio Capture Feature in the new Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks). I tried clicking on "Install Audio Capture Support" in the Spin Doctor drop down menu, but it failed. To remedy this, I tried but was unsuccessful in downloading a Spin Doctor 6 driver update. My Mac wouldn't install it because it said it was from an unknown source. Any suggestions?
  3. Mickey Bo

    My Mac Doesn't Read Toast 10 Audio Cd Text Info

    Tsantee, That was good advice. One of the scripts at the site you named worked! I can now import into iTunes the track info for a CD that I typed into Toast 10. However, the CD disc icon on my computer desktop still does not show that info. I can get by without it, but the reason that is important to me is because I sometimes want to open the icon and drag individual tracks from a homemade CD into Toast for a new mix. Those tracks are still listed as "Track 1," "Track 2," etc., so I have to refer back to iTunes to know which track to drag. Then I have to re-type the same info into the new Toast 10 mix. Nevertheless, at least iTunes reads the data and that's the more important thing. Thanks very much! Mickey
  4. I cannot get iTunes on my Mac laptop (OS 10.6.4) to read the CD text that I type in when I burn an audio disc on Toast 10.0.7. This is true, even though I choose the Toast option "Add CD Text." I have to re-enter the info into iTunes, duplicating the effort I put into naming the tracks and artists in Toast. Still, however, the track icons within the disc icon will not reflect the iTunes info. When I click ""Get Info" for the disc, its says "You can only read" under the "Sharing & Permissions" section. How can I fix this? Is this a Toast issue or a Mac/iTunes issue?
  5. Mickey Bo

    Audio volume meter is too small

    I'm a former Toast 5 user who has just installed Toast 10 because Toast 5 would no longer work on Mac Snow Leopard. However, I immediately saw that version 10's volume meter is smaller and harder to see than in version 5. Toast 5's volume meter was not only a little bigger, but also had level gradations, making it easier than 10 to make sure the track volumes were equal before burning an audio disc. Is there any way to increase the size of the volume meter in Toast 10?