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    Sonic CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack

    I recently purchased Sonic CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack as it is recommended by Microsoft to enable watching DVDs using Windows Media Player 11(WMP 11). I have installed these codecs and DVDs do play but when I try to change video settings (hue, brightness, saturation and contrast), video size (50%, 100% and 200%) or aspect ratio there is no change. This means I cannot view DVDs to their full potential which I feel is unacceptable and find it very frustrating especially when I have paid money for a product that Microsoft say is specifically developed for use with WMP 11. Spending much time and effort using Roxio forums, knowledge base and customer care have not resolved the issue nor has using different search engines on internet aswell as searching Microsoft Support sites; which have all been unfruitful and very time consuming. As DVDs do play Roxio is adamant that problem is without their control i.e. WMP 11, OS or my PC. I have followed advice and information on Roxio knowledge base with regard to this issue aswell as uninstalling and reinstalling both Sonic CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack and WMP 11. Due to other issues I had to do a complete clean installation of operating system (Windows XP professional SP3) which meant reinstallation of every thing else and my PC has a lot less applications and programs compared to in the past however the problem with watching DVDs using WMP 11 with Sonic CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack plug in still persists. Roxio are adamant this issue can be resolved but will not tell me how other than telling me to go and search Microsoft Support. Roxio Customer Care keep on asking for the same information that I have allready submitted to them and are unable to resolve the issue after weeks of communicating with them. Any advice or information on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.