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  1. The_Inspector_069

    Creator NXT 8

    I am very surprised Corel produced a Roxio Creator NXT 8. I have has Roxio Creator versions installed on my computer since the early 2000's. The program(s) have always had issues. Issues that seem to never get resolved in the newer versions. There is major issue with Gracenote recognizing my songs that have been converted from analog to digital. I ended up having to edit every line item to the correct artist, genre, etc. The track detection ability is useless. Doesn't work under line-in, or USB. And still not 24bit audio format. I don't understand why Corel refuses to incorporate the extension .mkv (video & audio) into their programs. Plus, they include a DVD player, which in turn is just a file player, and a home created DVD player. Totally useless. People also like to play commercial DVDs as well. IT is annoying that you have to change the resolution of your monitor (65" Samsung TV) to be able to use Video Wave. Every program now a days is meant for a 1080p resolution. Heck, now it's 4 & 8K. It is time to keep up with the times. To this very day, completely uninstalling the program is an issue. You have to unhide folders just to get to the remaining junk that the uninstaller program neglects to remove. No thank you. I'll have to pass on this program. There really do not bring anything new to the table. Just regurgitated programs/ applications/ apps, what ever you want to call them now a days. If they think that bringing in little enhancements to their photo editing program(s) is a good selling tactic, think again.
  2. Re: Roxio/ Corel Software Engineers Gentlemen, Why have you refused to evolve the features in Roxio Media Capture. ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) has been a standard here in the United States since 2009. You neglect to incorporate that standard into your program. And yet, your competitors have. What does that say for Roxio/ Corel?????
  3. The_Inspector_069

    NXT Cretor 6 Pro Install Is Terrible

    I have read many complaints about installing new versions or Roxio over older versions. Normally, if I am placed in that position, I uninstall the program first. Than I go into the Win10_Pro, Program Data (Hidden Folder), Program Files x86, and then enter the registry, and manually delete all the registry files pertaining to Roxio. I don't understand why Coral has not implemented an uninstall program that would automatically delete everything referencing Creator (All Versions). Or, I'll take the easy way out, and reformat my drive, and perform a fresh install of the O/S, and programs, etc. It may take some time, but I never experience Roxio crashing on me regardless of which ever program that I am using.
  4. The_Inspector_069

    Backup Entire System

    I too have just purchased the ESD of Creator NXT 2 Pro, and listed on the comparison chart for the two products, it will back up and I quote, "Back Up Your Entire HD including O/S, Files, Settings, and programs. I have made the necessary steps for contact Technical Support. This is the reply that was sent. "Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. This is a known issue, which has already been reported to our Engineering department for investigation. I will be adding your case ticket to their investigation. Kindly send me a copy of your DxDiag report file so I can submit your system specifications to them, as this would help in isolating the problem. I would also need a copy of your DxDiag report file. To get your DxDiag file, follow these steps:" I dislike their new technical support ever since Corel purchased Roxio. I am a Technical Support Engineer myself and dislike the stall tactic. Therefore, I am getting a refund. If they refuse, my credit card company will be contacted and a chargeback will be generated. I will also report Corel to the BBB, and the Attorney Generals Office for "False" advertising.