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    Stuck On "filling The Ram Cache" -- Will Not Burn Disk

    Same problem here, since the update to 11.1. I seem to be able to avoid the issue by setting the track gaps to 2 seconds and then returning them to 0. But we shouldn't have to do that. We should all be able to burn CDs from a track listing. Please fix this? I too have repaired permissions, checked the integrity of the disc. The problem does not occur in 11.0.4. I hope this is fixed soon. And for others having this issue - you are not alone.
  2. lesit

    Toast 10.7 Pre-Release Message

    I'm getting the same message here. It started this morning. Help!
  3. lesit

    Toast 10.0.5 - is this for real?

    I get a similar problem. When I click on a disc image, it says that it's an unsupported format, but the burn can proceed as planned. I've also reverted to 10.0.4 for now. -lesit