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  1. nharknett

    Burning a DVD with Dolby Digital source

    Ok, thanks for the reply.
  2. I have a source video with Dolby Digital sound. If I burn it to DVD does Toast convert it to Stereo or will the burnt DVD still have the Dolby Digital track? On page 25 of the User Manual it states "Making a DVD or BD Video Disc DVDs and Blu-ray Discs are both excellent choices for producing high quality video discs with full menu navigation and Dolby Digital sound." Just want to check they are saying Toast can burn a Dolby Digital track.
  3. nharknett

    Toast 17.4 Update Not Optimized

    Agree with Franky11. Put ~/Applications/Toast 17 in the trash. The go through ~/Library/, ~/Library/Preferences, ~/Library/Application Support and the same folders in your root Library and delete anything from Roxio or Toast. Then re-install.
  4. nharknett

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    BREAKING NEWS: Roxio has issued an update that has fixed the issue. I tested one file (1½ hrs long) and it burnt perfectly.
  5. nharknett

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    Great news that Toast 16 could be available to use instead. Does anyone know if it is 32 or 64 Bit? I have Toast 15 which is 32 Bit, it works but is V-E-R-Y slow.
  6. nharknett

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    At least it could be reproduced but having no timeline is not good. They are basically saying 'We have no idea when we are going to be able to fix this.'. In the meantime we have a piece of software we paid good money for that is all but unusable.
  7. nharknett

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    Thanks for the info Franky11.Would be nice if Support would have told me that. All I got from them was "We regret to inform you that we have not yet heard from our Engineering team regarding this issue, so I am assuming their investigation into the problem is still ongoing.". That was 20 days ago and I've had no further contact even though I've sent them two additional emails with the information about the movie length I posted above. Just to check I'm doing it right, to reply to them I just need to reply to their email they sent after I put in a ticket?
  8. nharknett

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    Ok, I have tested two more videos. Each are .m4v over 27 minutes long. Neither would save as a disc image, they reached 99% encoded then failed with the -111 error. I trimmed each in iMovie to 23m 17s and saved them as .mp4 before attempting again. Each saved as a disc image successfully. I then trimmed the original files to 23m 18s and tried again. The videos did not save, -111 error. So it seems that Toast cannot burn a video over 23m 17s long. I'll inform Corel/Roxio of this and see what they say, if anything. If you haven't already could all that are having this problem raise a support ticket as the more people that report this problem the more seriously they'll take it, thanks. https://www.roxio.com/en/support/
  9. nharknett

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    I feel the same Macrossroads. Though I'd want my money refunded by Roxio. Does anyone know if Toast 16 is still available and is it 64 Bit? I'm going to try other files to see if the results are the same. I've emailed Corel support about my tests and am yet to hear back from them.
  10. nharknett

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    After a lot of experimenting I found that trimming a movie to a certain time would enable a file that would not burn to burn. Here's what I did. The movie (a .mov exported from a .m4v) lasts for 23 mins 37 seconds and is 452.5 MB. Using Quicktime i experimented with trimming the file to see if size mattered. I eventually I found that if I trimmed it to 23m 17s it would burn. If it was trimmed to 23m 18s it would not. The .mov files are 449.2 MB & 449.4 MB respectively. Can anyone replicate this?
  11. nharknett

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    I've tried several files, even down to 30 minutes that fail. Others that are longer burn ok. I have a support ticket open, they replied that they have not heard from there engineers as of yet. They did ask if I can burn a DVD via MyDVD Pro (which also fails). Maybe these problems are related? As soon as I hear back from them I'll update here. h2oflyer, Toast 17 is now 64 bit. Apart from that I see no difference though I haven't used it because of the ongoing problem.
  12. nharknett

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    Yes, have tested it and found the same. I have a support ticket with Roxio open so I'll see if I can send them a copy of a failing movie to them for analysis.
  13. nharknett

    MacOS error Result = -111 when encoding

    I have now uninstalled both Toast 15 & 17, re_installed Toast 17 but the problem persists.
  14. When trying to encode a DVD the progress bar gets to 99% encoded then stops with a dialog box stating there has been a MacOS error. Result = -111. This happens if I try to burn to DVD or create a .dmg. I still have Toast 15 installed but am reluctant to uninstall it in case I can't reinstall it and end up without any burning software. Cheers Neil H. Mac Mini (2018), Mojave 10.14., 3.2GHz i7, 32GB RAM.
  15. nharknett

    Menu Buttons not highlighting

    I have now tested the burnt DVD in another player (Playstation 2) & the menu button highlight works. Although this makes it look like the problem is with the DVD Recorder there may be a problem with the way Toast 7 is making the menus. Any suggestion