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    Hanging Up

    Ok I am still having problems with Audio Capture...after ending recording and select the option to go to Sound Editor I am getting Roxio Audio Capture not responding...I tried Repair and that didn't work and then uninstall and re-install and same problem...I was thinking of upgrading but now I am afraid to, any suggestions?
  2. Linzerl

    Hanging Up

    Been using 2012 Pro for quite some time now all of a sudden after I use Audio Capture and after recording suppose to go to Sound Editor, however, it is hanging up there and not going to Sound Editor...just get program not responding...
  3. Linzerl


    I wanted to upload some pics to Facebook but they came out small...I scanned them but they did not fill up the canvas or work area...what do I need to do to get it to full size?