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    Hanging Up

    Been using 2012 Pro for quite some time now all of a sudden after I use Audio Capture and after recording suppose to go to Sound Editor, however, it is hanging up there and not going to Sound Editor...just get program not responding...
  2. Linzerl

    Hanging Up

    Ok I am still having problems with Audio Capture...after ending recording and select the option to go to Sound Editor I am getting Roxio Audio Capture not responding...I tried Repair and that didn't work and then uninstall and re-install and same problem...I was thinking of upgrading but now I am afraid to, any suggestions?
  3. Linzerl


    I wanted to upload some pics to Facebook but they came out small...I scanned them but they did not fill up the canvas or work area...what do I need to do to get it to full size?