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    Roxio Restore On Mac Quits After About 104 Gigs

    I'm still having the problem so I'm bumping this question back up to the top… If anyone has knowledge of this problem, please post! Rob
  2. blu ray99, Please tell us what software you do prefer. Do you have a preference for one product on the PC and another on the Mac OSes? Rob
  3. zzz1372

    Roxio Restore On Mac Quits After About 104 Gigs

    Actually, this is one large file written across multiple disks. The file restores just fine if it's less than 100 Gigs. Thus, an individual file restore won't work for me but thank you for your suggestion Tsantee. So… no one out there has ever tried to Roxio Restore 100+ Gig spans before? It hasn't been tested by Roxio during development? I hope that it is just a compatibility issue between my specific OS and Roxio Restore, not a Roxio Restore bug that will never get fixed... Rob
  4. I am using Toast Titanium 11.1 on a MacOS X.8.5. (I haven't updated to 11.2 because I have a slow Internet connection where I'm located.) I can burn 100+ Gig files scanning across many DVD or BlueRay disks. However, when I go to restore the files with Roxio Restore v1.0.5, it quits at about 104 Gigs. This happens with all spans that are bigger than 100 Gigs in size. Is this a known issue/limitation? Has anyone successfully restored a 100+ Gig span before? If so, what version of Toast, Roxio Restore, and OS are you using? Any ideas how I can get my large spans to restored? Rob
  5. zzz1372

    Running Toast on a headless (no monitor) computer

    I can't believe this is such a difficult configuration for this group to handle.... Besides the two power users who negated my request for information in this thread, someone named grampabruce privately wrote me to tell me I'm a moron for asking this question. For those few of you who burn DVDs with headless computers, the solution is to connect Analog Green and Ground on the DVI interface with a 100 ohm resistor. Here's the web site that I got the solution from: http://blackfriarsinc.com/blog/2007/04/how...-mac-mini-happy Rob
  6. zzz1372

    Roxio Support web site is terrible

    Roxio support site says that Live Chat is available "when I exhaust all other avenues." I've been through all the knowledge base documents and no where can I seem to "exhaust my avenues" to get to live chat. How do I get to Live Chat? Second, when I try to open a trouble ticket, I get thrown back to the a list of possible problems to my issue. I can check "No" to "Did this solve the problem," leave "feedback," but it doesn't open a trouble ticket. How do I open a trouble ticket in this support system? So I called Roxio's 877 number. I began to tell the person at the other end of the line what I was after and I got disconnected. These issues are just not from today. This site has been terrible for support for at least 2 years. I just am now complaining to the general community since this is the only way I can seem to get a comment/question/answer. Rob
  7. Somewhere I read that Toast 9 and 10 doesn't work with a computer without a monitor. I know this use to work in the past. What version of Toast stopped running without a monitor attached? And, why would a monitor be a requirement for software that burns disks? Rob