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  1. Hello, I'll make this short. I've an HP Pavillion DV6 with Windows 7 I've been burning Photshows DVD for years no issue. My old DVD drive on my HP crapped out so I went on ebay bought the identical same as new replacement and installed it in 2 minutes flat. All was good, it plays DVD's records and burns does everything that a new drive should do. Here's my issue, when trying to burn a DVD Photoshow, PS will not recognize any drive being there when I click the burn DVD button. It says there is no drive, please check drivers or something about an connecting an external drive(that i do not own). I'm not good on REGEDIT stuff that I've seen on youtube, but, on my Computer says drive working correctly (no issue). Why the heck does PS get so fussy, why can't it just see that a drive is there. I've a wedding on SAT and I'm running out of time. Thank you for anything you can point me to. The drive works, it's so frustrating Frank. Reply Report
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    Photo Show 6

    Steve thank you for so many great suggestions, I've never owned a program that was this fussy. All those songs were from CD's none were from ITunes, don't even get me started on Itunes. I'm at my wits end, I've tweked and retweeked this slide show, not sure what else I can do. I'll have to break down and actually use boring old creator. I love what PS can do, it's amazig, but it's only amazing on my desktop or on PS6.com. I have never had PS5 is it the same better worse???? Thank you for all the help.
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    Photo Show 6

    Roxio has just sent me the latest failure I just received at 7:29 on Feb 05, 2010 We're sorry, there was a problem making the video of your PhotoShow titled "Lucy's 50th Birthday Party". To try this again, click here or copy and paste this URL into your web browser: http://video.photoshow.com/video/getVideo?...amp;pubDate=Wed, 03 Feb 2010 20:02:13 -0800&title=Lucy's 50th Birthday Party&email=frank61558@aol.com&BRAND=brand If you continue to have trouble, please visit our customer service department for assistance. This message was sent by Roxio Online. If you have any concerns, please contact our customer service department. Roxio Online is a service of Sonic Solutions. - 101 Rowland Way Novato, CA 94945-5008 - All rights reserved.
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    Photo Show 6

    Thank God someone may actually be able to help me, thank you so much for trying. Again it looks great on my PS6 desktop and amazing on PS6.com but when saving MP4 to my PC, it's black. Although for this new revision it's failure, meaning the sorry we were unable to complete blah, blah, blah. here's the link again http://www.photoshow.com/watch/Rr3IY8Nk
  5. Frank Cola

    Photo Show 6

    Ok here's my link at bottom of the screen and since January, I've not been able to burn this project. In order for me to make this work, I have to post to my member page, then save as MP4. I then have drag to Creator 2010 then to finally burn. I've done all that tech support advised including tips from other members trying to burn this project. I either get the we're sorry prompt from roxio or it's successfull e-mail saying PS is now ready. I then save to my hard drive try upon opening it, I get great audio, but black screen. Will someone please explain why this is happening, if I can see the show on my PS6.com member page and on my PS6 desktop, why then does the project come deliverd black from PS6.com???? I was told by a member that not to tab through multible lines of text for the opening title. I have fixed every aspect of this project. I've even brought it down to under 50mb. PS is a beautifun program, but had no idea it would be this fussy, I've yet to be able to use it properly. Please someone from roxio help, I can't be the only one with this issue. We're sorry, there was a problem making the video of your PhotoShow titled "Lucy's 50th Birthday Party". To try this again, click here or copy and paste this URL into your web browser: http://video.photoshow.com/video/getVideo?...amp;pubDate=Wed, 03 Feb 2010 20:02:13 -0800&title=Lucy's 50th Birthday Party&email=frank61558@aol.com&BRAND=brand
  6. Please if someone could please advise me on this issue. I have a deadline on this photoshow tomorrow Jan 22, 2010. I have Roxio creator 2010 and subscribed and upgraded to PS6. Here's my link for the show in question. http://www.photoshow.com/watch/NI9RW4tF. I've yet to burn any show regardless of size through PS6 on my desktop. I can't even save to WME or MP4 on my desktop. Instead I have to upload it to my member page, then save and download as MP4 video. I've accepted all this as well this is how it is. Once e-mail is received that show is ready I then save and send to 2010 for burn. And this has worked great for projects of shows with 40 to 70 pictures. That is until this particular show. It has 378(I used Picasa do make the images smaller) pics in it, PS6 claims to handle 400 pics. I've gone on PS6.com to save as MP4 and downloaded it for me many times, it's always comes with the standard apology, SORRY UNABLE TO SEND THIS SHOW TO YOU. With the exception of the last 2 times, It came with the Success e-mail, you're PS is now ready for viewing. I immediately save, I open show in quick time or IE and the show is black, great AUDIO, but no images. PURE BLACK. Any thought from anyone? If it's viewable on PS6 desktop, viewable on PS6.com why then does it come black? I've called Manila tech-support, and if I have to install un-install one more time I'm commiting suicide. I've done patches. They can tdo the basics, but after that it's the same advice. PLEASE Mr Guru help he with some kind of fix. I'm OK with doing the 2010 work around, I don't mind, I know 2010 well, but why is it black? It also takes forever for these MP4 to arrive. Love the PS6 program, it's very nice, but, it's very fussy at the same time. I have Win XP Version 2002Service Pack 3, 1.6MHz 960 MB of Ram This is whatI get. Download video (33.1Mb) About your PhotoShow video Your video is a 33.1 MB file in MPEG-4 (.mp4) format. Depending on your connection speed, the download may take a few minutes, so please be patient. You can watch your PhotoShow video with Apple's iTunes or QuickTime Player. OK here's the latest issue, since I cannot click the save as MP4 Video icon again on PS6.com, it claims your show has been succesufully sent to you. (It hasn't) I decided to upload it again with just a minor change on my PS6 desktop. Then I click post to member page, only now uploader says error 403???? What does it all mean?? Thannk you. Frank My direct e-mail for any resolution is frank61558ataol.com Please I'm really up against the wall on this. What am I doing wrong???? email edited to try to trick spider bots from sending you lots of spam. If people want to send you, they will know how to correct the address.