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    Win Zip Error

    Thanks for the info. It is upsetting that a company not support their product into the future. I would understand if they did not add any features or patches to the issue, but at the very least develop an interface to a new operating system. Kind of makes you a believe in planned obsolescence by companies or asking users to support piracy.
  2. My hard drive crashed and a bought a new desktop with OS 8.1. I am trying to reload Creator 2011 from the original CD, but I get an error saying that the zip file is damaged or truncated. I cannot resolve the issue. The disk was working fine on my old computer. Can anyone help me Thanks
  3. 333mike

    Breaking up long files

    Awesome will give it a try. If it works I'll buy you a coffee, Mike
  4. 333mike

    Breaking up long files

    Guess the question was not clear. I have a 2 hours video file that I want to be able to cut into two sepatate 1 hour files so that the DVD picture is high quality.
  5. 333mike

    Breaking up long files

    I have read most of the comments regarding large media files (2 hours and 6 hours), and discover that instructions on separating them,into smaller 1 hour pieces, is not clear in my small brain. Is there a way to do this without re entering over 150 hours of raw VHS footage? I had a couple of short ones (1 hour) and the results using Roxio 2010 were awesome. Thanks for your help Mike