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    Titanium 18 myDVD not burning DVD

    I just purchased Titanium 18. I built a DVD project using myDVD. When a select burn disc it starts and gets to 38.7 percent and never finishes. I am running Mac OS 10.14.6 on an iMAC with an apple superdrive. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! Best Regards - Mark K.
  2. Good Evening: I just purchased Toast Titanium 18 pro and have been trying to change the style and font size on the Chapter menu items. I can change the chapter number from 2 to Birthday, but the template font is too big and I want it to be smaller and a different style like courier. Is there a way to accomplish what I what to do? Thanks for your help and advice! Mark K.
  3. Hello: Well it's two days before Christmas and of course I am in crisis mode again. I created several DVDs for family and friends using Video Wave 7's DVD builder. My brother just called to tell me that the DVDs jump and are out of time with the music audio tracks. When I created these DVDs, they played fine on the two DVD players I have here at home. Are there compatibility issues with different DVD players? Older models perhaps? How can I tell? Any and all responses are desperately needed. Regards - Mark K.
  4. Well if I could read I would be dangerous! I fixed all of the problems by removing Internet Explorer 7. I really wish that Roxio and Microsoft would please get on the same page. We the users are paying for their lack of coordination. Regards - Mark
  5. Hello: I created a family reunion dvd file called reunion2006.dmsd. When I attempt to open it directly from the Video Wave 7 Professional Menu (the file is listed at the bottom under recent projects) it errors out with "DVD Builder has encountered a problem and needs to close". It then asks if I want to send an error report (I have sent the error report) when I click don't send the error report the video wave 7 main screen reappears but the DVD Builder screen goes completely white and eventually I have to end it using task manager. However, If I first open the DVD Builder application from the Video Wave 7 Professional Menu and then open the reunion2006.dmsd file from the DVD Builder File Open Menu, it starts to open but then it gives me an error box that states "Error Cannot Open Project". I click "OK" and the project is there. I can preview it, I just can't edit it. The Production Editor is empty and I cannot find or get to the "Edit using story board option". However, If I manually select the INTRO file for the project (The Title Menu 1 comes up by default) from the file selection at the Top right drop down box it opens without any problems and the The Production Editor can be accessed via the "Edit using story board option" by right clicking the mouse on the project. The theme I used was Ocean. It has a Main Page that when selected opens the Sub Title Page with the individual movies on them. When I preview it everything is there and works fine. I just can't get to the Sub Title Page to edit its contents. What am I missing? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Regards - Mark
  6. OK I burned the project to a DVD R+W at the highest quality settings and and the pixelazation and jagged did not appear in the pictures, but when I played the DVD in a DVD player it had a jitter throughout the entire DVD that was very apparent with images that contained horizontal lines. Any Idea on how to corect this? Thanks - Mark K.
  7. No I have not. I will do test burn and get back to you with the results. Thanks - Mark K.
  8. Hello: I am using Video Wave 7 Build 7.0.454.0 - DVD Builder to create a DVD using still images captured from a digital camera. When I preview the project using the DVD builder preview pane the images are pixelized with jagged edges. Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so can you please help me fix this issue. Respectfully; Mark K.