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  1. Windows XP Pro service pack 3; USB 2 port; shows the device, however there is no audio input from the box. Two different pc's and 2 different audio sources. Seems like its the box.
  2. Why am I not surprised that there isn't a topic for this product? Par for the course I guess. I hope something will occur to change my opinion of this company and its lackluster customer service, but so far I am not a happy camper. I cannot remember encountering a company with such poor customer service. I purchased the Roxio LP to MP3 product and opened it just the other day. The software loaded perfectly on my pc. However, I get zero audio input (no recording and no deflections on the software left and right channel bar graphs. I have tried two different audio sources. It appears that the small while USB audio capture box is faulty (DOA right out of the box!). Since there is no phone support for this brand new purchase (except paid - which is nuts), I initiated a web ticket. I described the problem. The only reply I received from the alleged "tech support" representative was a reiteration of what I told them was the problem. Nothing else! This is tech support?? This company apparently has no live people to talk with and I haven't yet found a way to arrange for an RMA return/echange of the defective hardware. What kind of shoddy operation is this? Isn't it criminal to take money from people and deliver defective merchandise without any recourse? I am really beside myself here. I have never had such a horrible experience with any other company. There must be dozens of complaints about Roxio on the BBB and ripoff reports. What can be done about this?