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    Need help with upgrade questions!

    -------------------- My (D:) drive on the laptop only shows up if I insert a disk, and then it shows up on my Desktop as 'Roxio Burn'. Does that make it a Burner? As I've said - I'm VERY NEW to all of this and slowly learning. As for the printer, I like the idea of having the ability to store pics right onto a CD/DVD from a memory card via the printer, but unless I'm misunderstanding the Lightscribe feature, what really appealed to me was being able to 'etch' or 'inscribe' photos and text right onto the top of the DVD/CD itself - elminating the need to write on it with a sharpie. And having the photo etched (or silk-screened) onto the top of the CD/DVD is a nice way of letting you know what type of photos are held on it. For the most part my problems have been solved. I was able to hook the new printer up (Via a USB Cable, I should add) to my computer system upstairs (which runs Windows XP), and it is still functional with my laptop and iPod Touch (via the WiFi) for basic printing purposes! The software that came with the printer is compatible with Windows XP so I ought to be in good shape for using the Lightscribe feature now. Haven't tried it yet - but I'm planning to do that today after I read up on it a little more. I have never done anything like this nor have I ever experienced using Lightscribe DVD/CD's. We'll see how it goes! Tammy
  2. Tammy LaPlante

    Need help with upgrade questions!

    ------------------------ Thanks for your reply! I downloaded the LSS that you suggested in #3. I am not sure what you mean by 'proper drivers' in #2 - all I have is what came with the printer, but since it was not compatible with Windows 7 we had to downloaded the full setup and install it from HP's website to make the printer compatible. Is this what you are referring to by 'proper drivers' to enable the CD/DVD burner? Another question I have - my printer is currently hooked up via a WiFi connection and my laptop utilizes it via the WiFi connection. Is it possible to use the Creator 2010 program and the Lighscribe labeling software on my laptop and save the design as a file to send to the printer? Or must the laptop be directly connected to the printer via a USB cable? The manual says it cannot be connected via Network and USB at the same time - so will connecting the laptop temporarily to use the lightscribe drive mess up our WiFi connectivity? Thank you so much for all your help! This is all very new to me! I've never owned a Lightscribe Drive or used one before. Tammy
  3. I bought an HP photosmart printer (C8180) on Friday, 1/25/10. It came with Roxio Creator v9 and MyDVD v9 but the software is not compatible with Windows 7 and the printer manual says I need the Roxio software to run the Lightscribe CD/DVD that's included with the printer! Can anyone help me with which Roxio 10 software to buy that will allow me to use the Lightscribe feature of my printer?? I've yet to hear from tech support from Roxio. I want to be able to burn a silk-screen photo directly onto the DVD/CD as well as etch the title onto it. Anyone out there have a c8180 printer that knows about the Roxio software and exactly what I need to make the Lightscribe feature work? I would appreciate any helpful advice. Thanks, Tammy