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  1. Yesss, thank God the link above still works and repaired my Roxio Creator 2010 Pro on my windows 10 machine. I unzipped it and Roxio was still running and tried to open a program within it and bam, started right up, thanks so much!! Great, great repair file and help!!
  2. I don't know what happened, but after months and months of fooling with "permissions" and all kind of other things I kept trying to install Roxio 2010 and I couldn't believe it, it finally installed all the way!!! Would eventually just "rollback" when trying to install it. I would like to note that after trying for so long I finally gave up and put Roxio 8 "back" on my system, p.s, I had done all the clean stuff many many times, all the stuff Roxio had told me to do but was to no avail. I seem to remember getting all kinds of "Incompatibility" warnings (I'm using Win 7 64 bit Ultimate) but "Windows" let me install it anyway. I did loose functionality of my DVD as could be seen in Device manager but HP, thank God for extended warranty linked me to a file to download and presto the DVD was back up and working fine. At least at this point I could use a Roxio product that I had paid good money for even if Roxio 8. Then a bit latter, and I never deleted the Roxio 8 from my system, 2010 installed! Who would have thought, sure don't know what the fix was but Thank God it's finally there. Not sure it was worth all the effort, don't really see much of a difference from the "8" but I hate it when something doesn't work;) I believe this was the link to restore the DVD but as HP said it's not there page so use at own risk but they sent me here;) http://www.onecomputerguy.com/reg/cd_restore.reg Apparently Firefox doesn't link to this sight but IE does. It appears to be a small reg edit fix for the DVD, of course always "Backup" your "Registry" before doing any regediting;) It appears to be called cd_restore.reg. Hope any of this helps someone. God bless and have a wonderful Christmas as it is almost upon me as I write this, Ben Tebbens of Delaware.
  3. Not sure what your talking about as far as disconnecting from any chat, every time I checked into it, it was always past "regular hours" and I was never able to do it. Not sure how or why it would have come up that way. To the fellow that said I got my money back I think if you read the post I did not agree to any such thing and of course never got any refund. I'd like to get this thing on my system! Wish more effort was put into getting us fixed then trying to make us look bad;( I almost thought I had it today, went much farther then ever before but of course ended up "rolling back" as usual. I was installing an update for "Light Scribe" software and it ran into an privileged issue and said it couldn't install short-cut, make sure the folder was there and I had access or something which I did by "taking ownership" of the folder and clicking "share with" everyone, home group. Of course, thank God it installed. After that I did the same for all folders in that folder and thought hey why not try Roxio again and it seemed like it was going to work, oh well, I'll keep trying from time to time;( Thanks again to everyone that has tried to help me. I thought I had all the privilege stuff taken care of but maybe there is some more I haven't found yet, any suggestions are always appreciated, God bless, Ben. p.s, this Windows 7 64 bit was a full upgrade so not from the vendor so I guess I have to set all these things up myself, privileges ect, missed Vista so this is all new to me;)
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    Install Rolled Back

    I don't know man, what a mess, not sure if the right hand at their support knows what the left hand is doing. Such a shame. Hope you the best. I almost thought I got it to load today when I found some folders "locked", it went much farther then before but of course "rolled back";( This Windows 7, 64bit is a full upgrade and I missed Vista due to memory issues so this privilege thing is pretty new to me. Any help is always appreciated, Ben.
  5. Wow man, thanks for asking or maybe you were asking the above fellow but I just checked the install log and found where it said: "Action InstallActions.DOTNETFX_351.INSTALLDOTNETFX35_FUL failed with exit code 5100. Installation failed with error code 5100" then it begins it's rollback;( Have tried replacing the dotnetfx3.51 from the one on the disk with a download from Microsoft but didn't make any difference. Does anyone running Windows 7 see it listed in "Programs and Features" I've never seen it there and can't install it separately when I've tried. I've heard it is an integral part of Windows 7 and comes installed with it. Thanks for any help, Ben.
  6. Dude so sorry, I can't get it to install either. I wasted a lot of time with their e-mail tech support which really just kept telling me that same old thing, not sure if anyone ever really read what I posted or the logs they asked me to send. So frustrating, I've had a problem with everyone of their programs in the past, always such a mess. I recently had an issue with Norton and they were amazing, logged on to my system, took 2 separate tries but the Supervisor finally got it going, why can't these guys do the same? Hope you the best, if you get something please let me know, Ben.
  7. Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to reply, yeah I've already been through that one, that is the KB article and done all that several times. I can't believe it though, I just tried loading it on our old XP desktop and it loaded without a hitch at all! I was so disgusted I knew I had Roxio 8 still on the system and it didn't even matter! None of this deleting going through the registry junk like all the other versions! It even loaded a project I recently was working on in 8;) Can't believe it, but still not on our fancy Windows 7 Ultra system I use everyday;( I might take a look at the Revo Uninstaller? I'm new to Win7 and skipped Vista, never installed it so this "take ownership" garbage and files being locked is ridiculous. I think I've finally got them all "unlocked" but who know's, sometimes I'm not sure if this stuff has anything to do with it? So crazy, couldn't believe XP loaded right up, wow and I've tried installing in xp compatibility mode on this one to no avail. Any other ideas are always so welcome, thanks again for your suggestions and have a great Holiday weekend, Ben.
  8. Been wasting my time, hours for almost a month now and still haven't got this thing to install yet. Have been back and forth with support since 6/10/10 but get nothing new, same old stuff as here on the forums;( Does anyone know what the problem is, have done all the delete all Sonic, Roxio stuff, clear Registry with their program, shut off all anti-virus programs, firewall, copied to hard drive, re-started and ran install from hard drive and still nothing, just rolls back during install and tells me something interrupted the install and to try again later. What's up with this, has any one found out what the problem is and a fix, you might be able to get a job with Roxio. They apparently don't know either, last night they finally offered to give me my money back if I promised to destroy the disks. I just want it to work. Have tried all the compatibility stuff with just about every version possible but have just wasted lots and lots of time. Have heard others that were offered apparently to download the product and had success but I wasn't offered that even after suggesting it several times. Maybe they know something I don't. Any help from those with similar problem and success would be so appreciated, thanks in advance, Ben. p.s, you can't delete .net 3.5 in windows 7 and XML 4 SP3 isn't for it either, don't think tech folks really read my reply's apparently or my system information, looks like it's just a copy and paste of the same ol' thing.
  9. I've wasted so much time with Roxio "support" for nothing. I'm not even sure they read what I post back to them, it has been going on for almost a month now and still can't install Roxio 2010 Pro, they just keep telling me to do the same ol' things over and over and over again! So disgusting, I'm supposed to be now talking with their "Elevated Support" team and daaa, same old stuff, over and over again. I don't think they even know what Operating system I'm using since most of what they say doesn't even apply to Windows 7, just copy and pasted! What a joke. Come on, where are you all. This has gotten really frustrating if you can't tell by now. HELP! What else, it appears I get a different tech person every time I respond with the same ol' results to the same ol' instructions. Why not give it to "one" person who can take "responsibility" for the issue and help to get it resolved. Have spent almost a "month" with their tech support and really getting frustrated and wasting soooo much time! Help, please Ben.