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    Burning DVD's on Toast from TiVo Transfer

    I trashed the file you suggested...but no help with the problem of space available on the blank DVD. I now notice that when I press "Play" when I've got a movie that I transferred (into TiVo Transfer), and Toast's Player comes up, that the movie plays as a series of flashing-moving squares (like I sometimes see on my HD TV when my cable connection is disrupted). I can watch the same movie on my TV successfully from it's storage place on my TiVo. Any idea what's going on?
  2. I can't consistently burn TiVo transferred movies to a blank DVD, even when they are less than 4.6 GB in size according to the TiVo Transfer column marked "Size." The movies aren't recorded in HD. I get the error message that says I can't burn the movie because my blank DVD disc doesn't have enough room. I notice that the size of the movie when Toast is preparing to burn it is larger than the size when it was listed on the TiVo Transfer screen. I seem to remember being able to successfully burn movies of equal or greater duration and size in a previous version of TiVo transfer. I am using TiVo Transfer Version 2.0. I have a Macbook Pro, running Mac OS X Version 10.6.2. My version of Toast 10 Titanium is 10.0.5. Anyone help here?