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    Video Lab 10 questions

    Thanks for the reply. My computer exceeds the requirements and my camcorder is a canon FS200. it has its own usb and uploads all videos I record onto my computer. So I can just click and drag those files into the program correct? same with any other movie files? since I plan to add clips from shows etc. and I dont plan to burn to dvd's or anything like that. Just youtube.
  2. Hey everyone. I recently got a gift card to a specific store, and I have been in need of a video editing program. I plan to use it for my filmed clips with my camcorder, adding music, and splicing in clips from other things. MyDVD Video Lab 10 is the only video editing program the store in question has in stock. Is this program good enough for the uses I need? I was reading some online reviews and I found quite a few complaints, but I figured I'd rather ask this community before I make my decision. oh and I have windows vista. Thanks in advance