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  1. Your DVD player may be having trouble reading the disc. What brand of media are you using? At what speed did you burn the disc?


    Most regulars here, use either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media. I burn at a maximum of 8X, if I am burning the video for myself. For a couple of other people that I burn the disc for, I burn at 4X, because their DVD players can be finicky.


    I'm using Verbatim discs. I'm pretty sure the burn speed was around 8X but noticed that during part of the burn process, it was burning faster than 8X. So are you saying I should burn the disc at a lower speed like 4X? I just find it strange that the problem is limited to one screen.

  2. I just finished creating my DVD and everything plays perfectly on my computer. I tried playing it on my DVD player and the DVD plays fine as well. The only issue is that the title screen hangs after 2-3 seconds and then everything just freezes. This happens every time I load the DVD. However, if I press "play" immediately after the title screen loads, I am brought into the chapters menu and from that point onwards everything works perfectly; I can leave the DVD on the chapter menu screens and there is no issue with hanging.


    I tried doing the exact same thing on my computer that there is no issue with the title screen hanging.


    Has anyone experienced a similar problem and if so, is there a way to remedy this?

  3. If I want to burn my project onto a DVD to play on my PS3 and my regular DVD (not blue ray) player, is that possible to do so with a single disc or do I need to burn two different DVDs? Do I need to do anything differently when I burn my DVD so that it can play on my PS3?

  4. I just created a movie on Roxio 2010 and it plays perfectly on the preview. When I tried to play it on my PS3, random images are showing up as black images even though everything showed up fine during the preview.


    When the DVD was a work-in-progress, I had created a test DVD with the same file (fewer photos) and it played perfectly on a regular DVD player (didn't try playing the test DVD on my PS3). I haven't tried playing my current DVD on a regular player yet and not sure if the problem has something to do with how the file was created/burned to DVD or whether it is the issue of playing my DVD on my PS3?