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    windows 7 upgrade

    Brendan, thank you. The Revo uninstaller worked. Thank you very much.
  2. coinjam

    windows 7 upgrade

    It does not appear in the startup menu under msconfig. I already tried that. But I will try the Revo uninstaller. Thanks.
  3. coinjam

    windows 7 upgrade

    I was trying to install the Windows 7 upgrade and the compatibility report says I cannot proceed until I remove Sonic Studio DLA. I have already uninstalled every Roxio/Sonic/etc. Sonic Studio DLA does appear in the add/remove programs, but when I try to uninstall it, nothing happens.
  4. I can't upgrade to Windows 7 until I uninstall Sonic Studio DLA. It won't let me and I have tried everything to delete/uninstall it. But it will not be removed. Does anybody have an answer?