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    Back On Track vs Back On Track3 Suite

    What does Back on Track 3 Suite offer that the module included in Roxio 2010 does not? Is there a trial version of the suite available for comparison? What has been your experience with either of these for routine file backup to an external hard drive?
  2. Donald Canard

    Back On Track vs Back On Track3 Suite

    I've given it a try for the last couple of weeks and it apears stable and reliable in performing the required tasks. The only drawback is the inability to scedule the events. Events take place based on the time they were first created, so if I created a task at 1pm, and require the task to ru daily, it will run at 1pm each day. There does not seem to be a way to modify that setting. But based on a head to head comparison with Acronis (trial version) I gave up on Acronis and found the Roxio module to be more reliable. Is there any discount incentive for registered users to purchase the full suite?
  3. Donald Canard

    Sound Editor Display Color

    Thanks for the info on colors. Obvious typo in my lead post; it's Roxio 2010 and not 2012
  4. Donald Canard

    Sound Editor Display Color

    In Roxio 2012, the Sound Editor displays clips in the Clip Editor window in either a green or reddish color. I cannot find any consistency in what determines the color of the clip. What property of the track determines whether Sound Editor displays the clip in green or rust color? Thanks!