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  1. I have an external terabite drive that has 791G of free space. I'm trying to capture video from an analog VCR which has worked well in the past, but now I'm having problems. It tells me I only have 18 minutes of record time left and I don't know how to change it so it sees the terabite drive to record to, which has plenty of space. I'm using the Media Import section of MyDVD 10 Premier and my VCR is hooked up via USB port, as is my external drive. I'm running Windows (not 7) on an HP desktop. I've tried deleting all my other video files, but it still doesn't recognize anything other than this 4.0GB of "Space Left On Drive". Any suggestions?
  2. evilbrooks

    Label Creator in My DVD 10 w/HP C5250 printer

    Thanks so much! I downloaded the trial version and it works like a charm. It does everything I wanted to do. Again, many thanks!
  3. evilbrooks

    Label Creator in My DVD 10 w/HP C5250 printer

    Yes, and I do use it, but I can't make my own backgrounds and have no control over text/picture placements, which is what I'm trying to get. Any other suggestions? Thanks a lot.
  4. I have My DVD 10 Premier which I use a lot. But when I try to use Label Creator with my HP Photosmart C5250 All-in-One printer, which includes a disk printer, it's won't work. It sees the printer and I can change the preferences, but it won't print on a printable disk. The printer came with Roxio Express Labeler 3, so why won't Label Creator recognize it? If I need to get Creator, does that software print on my printer? Thanks for any help you can provide.