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    What Does Save As Disk Image Mean In Relation To Dvd Burning?

    Too bad Toast doesn't make a .dmg image file that can be burned to DVD without using Toast to do the burning.
  2. John Link

    Looking For Easier Relinking Of Files

    Dragging the duplicate tracks is replacing them one-by-one, which is what I want to avoid and what seems to be impossible. What a lousy piece of software!
  3. John Link

    Looking For Easier Relinking Of Files

    Thank you for your suggestions, tsantee. Even if Toast could follow aliases in the Finder, I don't want to replace all of my audio files with aliases in their original locations. And my understanding is that when saving a disc image Toast creates a .sd2f audio file (of course much larger than the corresponding .disc file) that does not link to the original audio files. In Final Cut Pro X I would explicitly relink one file and all the others would automatically relink. That's what I want Toast to do.
  4. John Link

    Looking For Easier Relinking Of Files

    I have created many Toast files (.disc) that refer to audio files stored in a large structure of folders. I now need to move that folder structure from my internal hard drive to an external hard drive. Once I do that, when I open any of my Toast files the audio files will not be found and I will be offered the option of looking for them, one-by-one. Is there any easier way to relink all the files in a Toast file?
  5. John Link

    Jam In Os 10.7?

    Does Jam 6 work in OS 10.7?
  6. John Link

    Toast 8 In Os 10.7?

    Does Toast 8 work in OS 10.7?
  7. John Link

    Trouble Reconnecting Missing Media Files

    In Toast 8, when a media file is missing, I see a message that specifies the name of the missing file but not the full path name. That creates a problem if I have more than one file with the same name. That problem would be solved if Toast were to provide the full path name. When a media file is missing, does Toast 11 specify the full path name, or just the name of the file? John Link
  8. When I ran Toast 6 in OS 10.4.11 there was an option to burn a DVD from a VIDEO_TS folder. Now that I have upgraded to OS 10.5.8 I no longer see that option. Where can I find it? John Link
  9. John Link

    Is Jam Dead or Not?

    I just noticed that the Jam discussion is included in Legacy Mac Products. R.I.P.
  10. John Link

    Is Jam Dead or Not?

    I'm still using a stand-alone version of WaveBurner Pro in OS 9 on my dual-boot Cube. John Link
  11. John Link

    Is Jam Dead or Not?

    Roxio, are you there? Your two-month lack of response to the question about whether Jam is dead suggests, at the least, that you are asleep. John Link
  12. John Link

    Does Toast 8 open Jam 6 sessions?

    No, it does not. John Link
  13. John Link

    Is Jam Dead or Not?

    I note that Jam is not listed on the products page: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/allproducts.html I'd sure like to see an update that fixed some bugs, including those I've reported, but I expect that there will not be one. Roxio, can we get some sort of official word? John Link
  14. John Link

    Toast quits when file is closed

    Does this matter to anyone else? John Link